How to Lose Weight With a Stomach Belt


While obesity is a growing health problem in this country, the real challenge is in determining which of the numerous weight loss devices have a legitimate claim. Even though weight loss belts are becoming more popular, simply wearing a belt is not going to cause the pounds to come off. Still, there may be some truth in the assertions that these devices can help you to lose weight. Like any other weight loss program, you need to set reasonable goals, which include understanding the physiological processes of how weight loss occurs.

Wear the belt each day while you perform physical activities that normally burn calories. Some styles of weight loss belts are designed to add weights around your waist, giving you a better aerobic workout as you walk, climb stairs or push the vacuum cleaner. The motion of walking with these weights around your hips is presumed to simulate the movement of a leg press with similar results. Wearing the belt may actually help to build muscle mass, which does burn fat.

Increase blood circulation to problem areas like the waist, abs, thighs and hips. Certain weight loss belts have heating pads that reflect body heat, causing a rise in body temperature. Blood vessels dilate, as fat and muscle tissue get warmer. Metabolism increases, burning more calories. This is important because when the body temperature is low, your body will begin to store fat as a way to raise the temperature.

Send small electrical impulses to the abdominal muscles. These types of weight loss belts are designed to stimulate muscles in much the same way as exercise. The process is similar to how the body’s own electrical currents stimulate motor nerves, which respond by causing a muscle to contract. The goal is the same–-move muscles to burn calories.

Stop those hunger pangs. There are weight loss belts on the market that transmit electrical impulses, which are supposed to block the messages that tell your brain you are hungry. As a result, you eat less. These same impulses are also alleged to reduce digestive juices secreted into the stomach, slowing digestion and allowing you to feel full longer.

Tips & Warnings

  • Please note that weight loss devices such as these should not be used without asking the advice of your physician. Before including a stomach belt as part of your weight loss program, make certain that you are not putting your health at risk. Belts that produce electrical impulses may cause a tingling sensation on the skin.

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