How to Build a Table Base


Create a base for an outdoor table by stacking bricks or cobblestone for a permanent structure in your backyard or garden. Stacking bricks is a straightforward process since each brick is the same size and shape. Stacking cobblestones is a bit like working a puzzle as you must create the layers from stones in a variety of shapes and stones. The end result for both is a solid, sturdy table base, but they each have different decorative qualities. Select the stone that works best for your landscape.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring Tape String Wooden stakes Gloves Shovel Level Course sand Concrete mix Brick or cobblestones Trowel
  • Decide whether you will build four square pillars for your table base, one on each corner, or if you prefer two rectangular structures where you can rest the table top. You could also build one circular table base where you could center a table top. Measure the length and width of each pillar or section of your table base and mark the outline on the ground with string and wooden stakes.

  • Gather the materials for your table base from your local landscape supply or home improvement store. Provide the dimensions for your table base structures to the clerk and he will advise you on the amount of stone you need.

  • Excavate the ground where you will lay the stones or bricks by removing grass and other debris before skimming the top with your shovel.

  • Create a blend of 50 percent course sand and 50 percent dry concrete mix, enough to spread a thin layer on the excavated ground. Spread the sand blend evenly.

  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for mixing the concrete mortar with water. Spread a thin layer on top of the sand blend where you will begin your table base. If you are building more than one pillar, create one at a time. Level the mortar and scrape the top with the grooved edge of your trowel.

  • Place one brick or cobblestone into the mortar mixture and press firmly. Layer some of the concrete mix on the inside edge of the brick or stone to create adhesive for the second stone. Place the second stone next to the first one, edge to edge and press firmly. Continue placing bricks or stones until you have covered the length and width of your table base.
    Stack the stones up to the desired height of your table base, adding mortar in between the stones where they meet. Stagger the bricks so that the mortar seam is in the center of each successive brick layer and not in a straight line. Make sure the pillar is level before moving on to the next one, building it the same way. Let the mortar dry before adding your table top.

Tips & Warnings

  • Buy more cobblestones that you think you will need due to the variety in stone sizes and shapes.
  • Wear gloves when handling stones and bricks.

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