How to Write a Submission Letter to a Business


A business submission letter is a written request for funding. The text must contain the latest, most accurate information and follow guidelines, which vary from agency to agency. The ultimate goal of the submission letter writer is to craft a document which is clear, concise and direct so the message produces the desired effect.

Do your research. Gather as much relevant data from verifiable and reliable sources as possible. These sources could include government documents, public records, interviewing credible people, and media resources such as radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet.

Draft a basic outline of your letter. In the opening, include the name of the office or business you’re requesting funding from and your name and organization. The body of the letter should contain a summary of the key issues contained in the submission, the most relevant facts you’re going to present, what the problem is, why the company should be interested and your recommended solution. You should also reference anyone who supports your efforts, an estimated timeframe for project completion and cost estimates. In the closing, thank the company for taking the time to read your submission.

Write the letter. Use an inverted pyramid style, in which you state your position in the beginning and then provide supporting information for your point of view. Make one point per paragraph. Use headings to break up the text so important points stand out.

Create visual interest. Appeal to those who utilize a visual learning style by adding tables, graphs, pie charts or pictures where you can. Draw the eye to the main points by underlining or altering the fonts with bold or italics to grab the reader’s attention. This way, even if the reader only skims the letter, he will still grasp the fundamentals of the submission.

Format the letter. Do not use right justification. According to the Department of Education, right justification reduces reader efficiency because readers get distracted by the unbalanced spacing between words. Also, breaking up the text with white space can make a lengthy document seem easier to read. Choose an easy-to-read font, such as Courier or Arial, and use the same font throughout the letter.

Write in clear, easily understood language using only as many words as necessary to adequately explain yourself.

Be succinct. To keep your letter short, add your supporting documents as appendices. If your letter turns out to be a bit on the lengthy side, you should include a summary in the beginning.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the language of the submission letter simple. Not everyone is an expert. It's okay to use conversational language, provided you can support your points with relevant research. Revise, revise, revise. Once it's written, enlist the help of an artistic friend to make it look good. Consider including models, maps or posters with your submission.

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