How to Heal a Rash Behind the Ears


The title may sound a little yucky, but I've found that more than a few people suffer from a painful and/or bleeding crusty rash behind the ears. It looks like a kind of eczema or psoriasis. This seems to be more common in children perhaps. It's actually easy to get rid least this worked for us!

Things You'll Need

  • Cortizone 10
  • Clean the area at least twice a day with a warm wash cloth. Don't rub hard, if you do you could cause the rash to bleed and be very painful. Just let the warm water soak it clean.

  • Let it dry completely. This is an important step! You may either let it air dry or blot it dry with a clean cloth. Moisture will encourage bacteria growth.

  • Apply Cortizone 10 to the infected area. This is what we used, but Cortaid or something similar could work just as well. We applied it twice a day, but you can do it up to 3 or 4 times daily. Continue until rash is healed.

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