How to Block Out Negative People From You Life

Block Out Negative People From You Life
Block Out Negative People From You Life

This is a topic people know must be done, but nobody really talks about how to do. You already know that destructive and negative people are not helpful or healthy for your progress, I will show you how to get away from them.

Things You'll Need

  • A positive attitude
  • A gentle heart
  • The decsion to live your life, not someone else's
  • Strong belief and faith

First, you have to already understand that negative people that you don't vibrate with are unhealthy and not good to be around for your progress. You have know that this is a fact, because if you don't believe this, then you wouldn't have enough reason to follow through on this. Once you understand that your life is precious and you want positive lasting progress and change in your life, then you will have to start with step one. Step one is to be honest with the negative person that is trying to hinder you from your progress. You have to tell the person in a nice way that you want change, you have to gently advise this person that you want to progress and be in a positive space. Try this for a few weeks, and take action towards your progress GRADUALLY.

Second, as you gradually shift from block this negative person in your life, the person either follows your new found positive energy, or resists and pulls away. It is crucial that you find other like minded positive people that are progressing towards their goals that you want to emulate. This allows you to be strong and convinced that what you are doing is the right thing for you. Blocking out negative people is actually easier then you think. The negative person that doesn't want you to do well is actually just fearful of their own capabilites. They are insecure and worried about their own life to the point where they want others to drown with them. The reason it is easy to block out negative people is because you will understand their fears and worries are not yours. You can allow them to be yours, or allow your own positive thoughts be yours. Their fears and worries have nothing to do with what you want to be in life.

Lastly, if for a good amount of time you see the negative person start to really doubt you as you progress, gently tell them you have to make a change and move on. You have to move on to progress and be gentle and understanding with this approach. Never leave the situation with the person further despising you. Send love and peace to this person and pray that they find their own positive space in their own time. You are doing more by leaving then staying. But be sensitive to the fact that they may not fully understand what you are doing or becoming. Continue on your new path of progression of positivity and joy, and move towards your dreams, the negative person will slowly diminish, and you will have successfully escaped this negative person. This is how you successfully block out negative people in your life.

Tips & Warnings

  • Respect others decisions, but respect yours as well.
  • Be positive around negative people, and help them as long as you can.
  • When they resist this with all their mind, gently walk away.
  • Don't carry hateful or resentment in your heart towards anyone.
  • Walk in peace and positive energy, and this is what you will find.
  • You can't make everyone happy.
  • Your happiness is what matters most. Trust that they will find their way, and by leaving you are helping them more than by staying.

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