How to Paint Brass Lamps


Painting a brass lamp can give a new look to an old favorite. Painting can cover an unsightly spot, or help to blend in an older lamp into new décor. Whatever the reason, this is a task that will give a brass lamp a whole new look. It is an appropriate project for a sunny day, as plenty of ventilation will be needed.

Things You'll Need

  • Liquid TSP Soft clean cloth Masking tape Cardboard box Spray paint primer Spray paint for metal
  • Clean the lamp thoroughly to remove any dust and grease; dirt may affect the paint later. Wipe the lamp with Liquid TSP and a soft clean cloth until it is completely clean. Allow to dry thoroughly.

  • Cover the areas that are not to be painted with masking tape.

  • Place the lamp in a cardboard box. This will prevent primer and paint from going everywhere.

  • Spray the lamp with spray paint primer and allow it to dry. This is best done in several thin coats rather than a few thick ones. The thicker the coat, the better the chance of drip spots and uneven paint later.

  • Spray the lamp with spray paint for metal. This is found at any home improvement or craft store. Spray evenly all over the lamp and allow the first coat to dry completely before applying the next coat. Apply several thin coats until the desired look is reached.

Tips & Warnings

  • It is recommended to ventilate well when dealing with spray paint. Outside is best, but open windows will work as well. Spray paint fumes can be hazardous. Wear protective apparel and glasses when working with spray paint.

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