How to Motivate Security Guards to Do a Good Job


Being a security guard is an interesting job. If the job is done well, the guard will have little more to do than walk around making his presence known. It is easy to understand how the monotony of guarding the same area day after day can lead to boredom or a lack of drive. The guard may get a false sense of security when nothing happens for long stretches of time. If this is the case with a property you are in charge of, it is a good idea to come up with creative ways to keep your security guards motivated.

Things You'll Need

  • Party
  • Gifts of appreciation
  • Bonuses
  • Security cameras
  • Schedule
  • An acting thief

How to Motivate Security Guards to Do a Good Job

Show your appreciation for your security guard. Guarding a building that is never broken into can be a thankless job, especially for the night guard who seldom runs into people. Show appreciation for the guard by throwing him and all your security staff an occasional party or by leaving a token of your thanks, such as a coffee shop gift card to express your appreciation.

Offer bonuses to security guards who successfully do their jobs. Money is a huge motivator for most people. If a security guard earns bonuses for his successful service, he will be motivated to make sure the building is well guarded.

Install security cameras throughout the property. You may choose to do this for added protection, but it will likely serve to motivate the guard to stay on task if he thinks he is being watched. Make it clear that you will be reviewing the tapes randomly.

Give your security guard a schedule. For instance, have certain posts that you want him to check and sign off on at particular times. You could have him check the bathrooms once an hour and check in with the front desk once an hour as well. Have him sign a sheet marking his approval that he checked out a given area. This will help the time go faster for the guard since he will have certain tasks to do at certain times. It will also help keep him accountable to the people he has to check in with.

Inform the guard you will be randomly testing the security of the area. Do this from time to time to keep her on her toes. Praise her when she does a good job.

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