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Most search engines and web browsers will collect and remember your previous searches, making it easier to perform the same searches again in the future. However, there are times when you no longer want previous searches to appear. For example, you may have an extensive search bar memory, making it difficult to find recent searches or you might not want another user of the computer to know what you are searching.


  1. Clear the Internet Explorer search bar. Open an Internet Explorer window. Click the "Tools" option on the IE toolbar. Click "Internet Options." The "Internet Options" dialog box will open. Click the "Delete" button in the "Browsing History" section. The "Delete Browsing History" window will open.

  2. Click the "Delete Files" button. This will delete temporary Internet files, which your browser saves so you can view sites you have already visited more quickly. If you receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete these files, click "Yes." Click the "Delete Cookies" button. Cookies are used by websites to save your preferences and may affect your search bar memory. If you receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete these files, click "Yes."

  3. Click the "Delete History" button to clear the browser's memory of sites you have visited. Next, click the "Delete Forms" button to clear your browser's memory of website forms you have filled in, which may include search bars. If you receive a message asking if you are sure you want to delete any of these files, click "Yes." Close Internet Explorer. When you reopen it, the changes will take effect.

  4. Clear your Google search bar. Click the dropdown arrow next to the search box on the Google toolbar. Click "Clear Search History."

  5. Clear your Firefox search bar memory. Open a Firefox window and click "Tools." Select "Clear Private Data." Select the checkboxes for "Browsing History" and "Saved Form and Search History." Click "Clear Private Data Now."

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not use Internet Explorer to remember user names and passwords, you can simply click "Delete All" and bypass the preceding steps. However, if you use this feature to automatically log into sites such as your email, this data will be lost.
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