How to Buy the Best Lotion for Itchy Skin

Find the best lotion for your skin.
Find the best lotion for your skin. (Image: Jupiterimages/ Images)

Whether you have itchy skin because of psoriasis, eczema, a rash or excessive dryness, a dry skin cream can help calm the maddening sensation quickly. By using the best lotion for itchy skin, you'll curb the scratching that can cause the irritation to worsen and spread. Coupling an effective cream with a moisturizer should keep most of your itching at bay.

Ensure you find a hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested skin lotion for itchy skin to keep it from clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin, which can lead to more itching. Look for lotions with natural ingredients such as colloidal oatmeal or cooling menthol to soothe your skin without chemicals. Buy the best lotion for itchy skin that's also fragrance-free since added colors or fragrances can make the condition worse.

Find a lotion for itchy skin that features ingredients like cocoa butter, aloe vera and vitamin A, D or E to provide itch relief and properties to help soften skin. In addition to soothing irritation, lotions and oils with these elements will also moisturize to help combat the itch.

Consider that sometimes the best lotion for itchy skin isn't lotion at all, but rather an ointment that contains healing ingredients such as hydrocortisone. Generally, while a thicker product will provide longer lasting itch relief than thinner lotions, it's often preferred to cover smaller areas like patches of eczema, insect bites or jewelry irritation.

Look for anti-itch products with skin protectants like calamine to soothe the pain and itching from rashes and skin irritation. A concentrated lotion for itchy skin may also dry rashes that are slightly weepy to help them heal.

Tips & Warnings

  • In addition to using the best lotion for itchy skin as temporary relief, keep itching and dryness from getting worse by avoiding harsh cleansers or repeatedly bathing or showering in hot water.

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