How to Put Music on a Blackberry Phone

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Add music to your Blackberry and enjoy your tunes on the go.

Blackberry phones are the leading smart phones in the industry. Blackberry’s allow you to play videos, music and enjoy high speed Internet access. Many have Wi-Fi access support, email and corporate data access. You can add music from your computer to your Blackberry and enjoy your tunes on the go. The Blackberry supports .avi, mp3, and .wav files--the most widely used audio files. You are not limited to just one music platform as long as you have the right tools.

Things You'll Need

  • Blackberry 8100, Pearl, 8800 series or Curve series
  • Micro media secure digital card
  • 2.0 USB cable
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      Turn your Blackberry off. Install the micro media secure digital card by removing the back of the Blackberry. Remove the battery, unlock the cardholder and place the micro media card into the door slot. Secure the hatch, replace the battery and place the cover back on.

    • 2

      Turn your Blackberry on. Go to the "Options" screen and click on "Media Card." Change your settings for "Media Card Support" to "On," "Enable Mass Storage" and "Mass Storage Support."

    • 3

      Connect your Blackberry to your computer's USB port.

    • 4

      Click on "Open Folder" to view files from the pop-up window and then click "OK." If a pop-up window doesn’t appear click on "Start," then double click on "My Computer."

    • 5

      Click on your Blackberry folder to open the folder. There you will see all your Blackberry folders--music, ringtones, pictures and videos.

    • 6

      Open your computer music file in another window. Select the music you want.

    • 7

      Copy or move the songs to your Blackberry music folder by right clicking the song, selecting "Copy" and pasting in the Blackberry music folder or by dragging the song to the Blackberry music folder.

    • 8

      Close all windows when finished. Click on the "Remove Software" icon on your toolbar to safely disconnect the Blackberry.

    • 9

      Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in the Windows directions.

    • 10

      Find the hard disk on your desktop that says “No Name.” Double click to open it.

    • 11

      Open the Blackberry folder. You’ll see the music, picture and video folders.

    • 12

      Open your Blackberry music folder. In another window open your Mac music folder and drag the files to your Blackberry music folder.

    • 13

      Drag the hard disk “No Name” to the eject sign on the toolbar or right-click the drive and click on "Eject No Name."

Tips & Warnings

  • Make sure to place the digital card in the door slot . Do not lay it flat.

  • You may not need to remove the battery from some Blackberrys.

  • Never unplug your Blackberry from your computer before ejecting it. Your Blackberry may become damaged.

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