How to Install a Cat Door in a Garage Door


One of the many things cat owners must contend with is letting the cat into or out of the house multiple times a day. There are times when this can become distracting or a problem when you are trying to get other things done. To solve this problem, you can install a cat door. One of the more convenient places to install a cat door is in the garage door.

Things You'll Need

  • Level
  • Jigsaw
  • Safety goggles
  • Pencil
  • Thick cardboard
  • Tape measure

Getting the Measurements

Figure out the size needed for the opening your cat will go through. The door must easily accommodate your largest cat if you have multiple cats. Take a measurement from your cat’s shoulders to the bottom of its rib cage to find the proper height.

Draw your measurements on a piece of thick cardboard. Cut out the hole and discard the cut portion. This hole will represent the cat door. Have your cat step through this hole to make sure it's large enough.

Get the measurement for the width of the garage door. This is done by opening the garage door and measuring the underside of the base. This measurement will ensure you have enough width when installing the cat door.

Have the measurements with you when you choose your pet door. Pick out the proper size door for installation. Once you have chosen the door, buy it and set a time to install it.


Gather all of the needed tools, the cardboard template, the pet door and safety goggles. Open the garage door so that where you are installing the cat door is at shoulder level, where you can work more comfortably.

Mark a spot 6 inches from the bottom of the door with a pencil. Line up your template so that it sits on top of the pencil marking. Make another mark at the top of the template. Do these at all four corners of the template.

Using your level, draw a line between the two top markings and again between the two bottom markings. Now draw a line down each side using your level, making sure that the level is squared. This should give you a near-perfect cutout line.

Drill a hole in each of the four corners. This will be where you start your jigsaw, inserting the blade into each of the four holes and cutting to another hole. Cut along the outside of the pencil lines to ensure enough room. Once completed, push out the wood to make the hole. Insert the two sides of the cat door into opposite sides of the hole you cut out. Make sure that each side fits snug and looks even with each other. If needed, place thin strips of wood or Styrofoam between the cat door and the garage door to make a good fit and double as insulation.

Line up the two sides using the pre-drilled holes at the corners as a guide. Then drill in the four screws that came with the door to complete the assembly.

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