How to Draw People Walking and Standing


Two of the most common poses for people are standing around doing nothing or walking away from something that has to be done. You can draw both with a few easy steps. Your walking and standing people don't necessarily have to be avoiding work, however. They could be standing and waiting for the bus or walking into the job of their dreams.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper Drawing instrument
  • Create their heads. Make two heads out of circles. Use two circles and dots in each to make eyes. Draw a line, slightly upturned, to serve as the people's smiles. The person who is going to be walking should be looking slightly sideways.

  • Draw the torso. Each head should have a triangular shape beneath it for the shirt, with little rectangle shapes to serve as sleeves. The walking person should have one of his sleeves off the side of the triangle. Draw a line with two lines coming off of it for each arm and hand unit.

  • Complete the bodies with the legs. Draw a standing person's legs as a rectangle coming straight down from his torso. Rather than making a straight line at the bottom of the rectangle, make a u-shaped inward curve to indicate two legs. Draw a walking person's legs as a wide triangle without its bottom line. Draw two lines near the wide angles of the triangle to create pant legs, finish off with a straight line at the pants cuff.

  • Draw a bent line for legs and feet. The standing person's feet should be pointed in opposite directions while the walking person's feet should be both pointing in the same direction.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can draw people standing on elephants. That's nice.
  • Try not to draw people walking into walls. That's not nice.

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  • Photo Credit Illustrations by Ryn Gargulinski
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