How to Construct a Punching Bag Wall Mount


Not everyone has the space or ceiling strength necessary to string up a punching bag from its traditional position. Furthermore, some people simply do not like free-standing punching bags, and want the feel of a classic canvas and rag-stuffed bag. Thankfully, there are options for mounting a punching bag on a wall using a tripod-style mount.

Things You'll Need

  • Wall mount kit Drill Mounting kit Screwdriver
  • Determine the combined weight of your bag, chain and mounting frame.

  • Calculate the combined weight your mounting points can tolerate. For an all wood stud mounting, you can skip this step: A standard mounting kit will be more than adequate. Any other kind of mounting will not be, and a punching-bag mounting will put a lot of wear and tear on the mounting points. Plan for these kinds of mounting to need to absorb double the weight you determined in Step 1.

  • Prepare your mounting by drilling holes in the wall. For a mounting using only wood studs, measure your holes to match the threading holes in the mounting frame, then drill normally.

    A mixed mounting (masonry-drywall or wood studs-drywall) or all-masonry mounting will require a little extra effort. Masonry tends to crumble when vibrated, and your punching-bag wall mounting will vibrate a lot. For a mixed mounting, first drill separate holes for a special mounting platform. This is a square or rectangular wood plank that is wider than the original area covered by your mounting frame. Attach it to the wall, using butterfly bolts for drywall, masonry screws for brick or concrete, and wood screws for studs. The wood will help absorb the vibration.

  • Screw or bolt the punching-bag mount into the wall. For an all-wood stud mounting, this is done in the normal way: by driving screws into the wall. A mounting requiring the special platform will do this by driving butterfly bolts and screws through both the wooden platform and the wall, attaching the mount to both.

  • Hang your heavy bag by its chain and spring.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are mounting a punching bag for more than home gym use, consider abandoning conventional mounting altogether. Instead, you can put lead plugs fastened with steel glue into the wood studs or masonry, then put heavy screws into them.
  • While a ceiling mount can be improvised, making a study wall mounting requires welding or blacksmithing skills. If you can make basic metal struts, assembling a tripod-style mount should be easy. Otherwise, given the demands to be placed on it, amateurs should buy a kit and not try to make their own.

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