How to Make Hair Grow Faster For Black Men

Slow hair growth can be frustrating. Although hair growth rates vary among different individuals, slow hair growth is common for black men. If you are a black man who wishes your hair to grow faster, you can do several things to encourage a faster growth rate. Nutrition, overall health and hair treatments can all encourage hair growth cycles. If you employ regular care and treatment, you will notice faster hair growth over time.

Things You'll Need

  • Protein
  • Deep conditioner
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Plastic bag
  • Folic acid
  • Wide-toothed comb


    • 1

      Remove split or damaged ends. If you are trying to grow your hair out, damaged ends will only impede the process. Since black men's hair has trouble maintaining moisture, it is particularly susceptible to breakage. If you trim off split ends, the damage can't creep up the entire hair shaft. Your hair will grow faster when it is healthy.

    • 2

      Increase your protein intake. Hair is primarily made of protein, so you must consume adequate amounts of protein in order for your hair to grow well. Meat, fish, nuts, avocadoes and beans are all solid sources of protein.

    • 3

      Rub your scalp daily. Massage encourages circulation. As a result, nutrients and blood can better reach your hair follicles, thereby expediting the growth process. Generally, black men's scalps tend toward dryness. Regular massage encourages oil production, which is necessary to keep strands hydrated and healthy. Massage your scalp for at least two minutes, three times daily.

    • 4

      Apply a deep conditioner or hot oil treatment to your hair. Wrap your hair in a plastic bag and allow it to penetrate your strands for approximately 20 minutes. Such treatments deeply hydrate, preserving hair health and protecting it from damage. As a result, your strands will be able to grow more quickly. Hair oil is commonly used to fortify black men's hair specifically. You can find hair oils or lotions that are designed for black men's hair at most beauty, cosmetic and drug stores.

    • 5

      Increase your folic acid intake. Folic acid is essential to hair health and its growth cycle. Folic acid occurs naturally in a variety of different foods, such as soybeans, green vegetables and carrots.

    • 6

      Wash your hair every three to five days. Black men's hair is particularly prone to dryness and does not need daily shampooing. If you shampoo only every few days, you'll preserve moisture in the hair, making it less susceptible to breakage.

    • 7

      Handle hair gently when it's wet. Due to its dry texture, black men's hair is particularly vulnerable when wet, so be careful with it. Use a wide-toothed comb rather than a hair brush to detangle it. Avoid using elastic bands or hair clips on wet hair.

    • 8

      Do not chemically treat your hair. A common product used by African-Americans, hair relaxers include harsh chemicals that seriously dry and damage hair. As a result, its growth process is slowed. To keep hair growing at its maximum level, avoid relaxers and other chemical treatments.

Tips & Warnings

  • Eat a healthy diet. Proper nutrition is imperative to good hair growth.
  • Avoid heated styling tools such as blow dryers. The extreme heat dries and damages hair.
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