How To Build a Kennel for Beagles


In some ways, building a kennel for beagles is no different from building a kennel for any other dog -- you need four walls, an easy-to-hose-off floor, a sturdy, warm doghouse if you live in a cold climate, and a gate.

Beagles, however, being consummate escape artists, need a little extra consideration. It's not their fault -- there are just too many interesting smells that your beagle just has to investigate. Here are some things to keep in mind when building a kennel for what beagle lovers adoringly call "noses with legs."

Things You'll Need

  • 6-foot chain-link fence
  • Cement
  • Post hole digger
  • Chain link gate or door
  • Doghouse

Dig deep. Many beagles like to dig their way out of confinement, so make sure your fencing extends 12 inches below ground. At minimum, make sure the fence is flush with the ground. Beagles aren't big; with a little determination, some can slip through a 4-inch gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground. You might also consider extending the concrete floor to a little past the fence line, so the beagle has no chance to dig out at all.

Put a roof on it. Some beagles are diggers; some are climbers and can scale a 6-foot chain link fence in seconds. If your beagles are going to be spending a lot of time in their kennels, you should put a fiberglass roof on it to block out direct sun in the summer and keep rain, sleet and snow off your dogs in the winter. Even if your beagle will be in the kennel only for a few hours a day, consider an escape-proof chain-link cover for your kennel. A bored beagle confined in a climb-able kennel is an escape waiting to happen.

Provide a warm house. Beagles, for the most part, have only one layer of fur, and that layer is hardly adequate for keeping them warm in cold weather--even if they're used to being outside. Add an off-ground (with a convenient ramp for short beagle legs) doghouse to your kennel plans. Make sure the doghouse has a waterproof roof; asphalt shingles work just fine.

Also, make absolutely sure your beagle can't use the doghouse as a stepladder to escape over the side of the kennel. Either put a roof on the kennel itself (see above) or position the doghouse so it's not near a wall.

Consider the size. Just as aquarium experts caution against putting too many fish into a small tank, make sure your finished kennel will be big enough for all the beagles that will be housed in it. Beagles like to run around and sniff before flopping down in the sun for a snooze, so make sure there's enough room. Also, your kennel will be sniffing ground combined with latrine, and possibly the doghouse. If you can, allow at least 20 square feet of floor space per dog.

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