How to Plant Lime Seeds


Lime, lemon and orange seeds germinate and grow easily in sunny environments. Some people plant lime seeds just to have some greenery in their homes or as a project to do with their children. Other plant lime seeds with the idea that they will never have to buy a lime again from the grocery store. Whatever the reason for planting lime seeds, it is an easy task to undertake.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper towels Small plastic bags Soil Flower pots Sunny area Water
  • Wash your lime seeds thoroughly in cold to remove any pulp that may be attached to them. Allow the seeds to dry on a paper towel for one to two days.

  • Place some potting soil into a small flower pot to start growing lime plant seedlings. If your space for numerous planting containers is limited, you can start the lime seeds in a soil-filled, sandwich-sized plastic bag instead and transfer the seedlings to larger pots later.

  • Place two to three seeds in your pot or one to two seeds in your soil-filled plastic bag. Push the seeds down to a depth of about a half inch deep and cover with soil.

  • Set your lime seeds in a sunny area of your house or porch to encourage growth.

  • Keep the soil moist by watering every couple of days. Flower pots with holes on the bottom work best because they promote drainage.

  • Transfer your lime seedling plants from the plastic bags to flower pots after they have grown to six inches in height. This can take a few weeks.

Tips & Warnings

  • If your main goal of planting lime seeds is to produce your own limes, you may be in for a long wait. Lime trees planted from seeds do not bear fruit for four to ten years after planting. Buying a small lime tree at a nursery and planting it in your yard can speed up the process considerably. Lime plants do not withstand cold temperatures well. If you have planted outdoors, mulch the area well in the winter to protect the plants from the cold. Bring potted lime plants indoors during the cold months.

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