How to Rap Really Fast


Rapping is a form of music and self-expression that is very successful in modern society. The website iTunes offers millions of rap songs with a few clicks on the keyboard. While rapping should be dependent on the beats and the groove, sometimes one simply needs to rap fast. Perhaps it's because you want to show off the rap songs you've easily committed to memory or need to perform the song super up tempo. Whatever the reason, it's possible to do.

  • Learn the lyrics to the rap song you aim to perform quickly. It should be a favorite recording at first when learning how to rap fast. Knowing the lyrics extremely well is essential to saying them quickly.

  • Say tongue twisters constantly for 5 to 10 minutes at a time. This can get you accustomed to speaking quickly and enunciating sometimes difficult combinations of words and letters. This will come in handy when rapping quickly.

  • Listen to the original recording of the rap song that you want to perform quickly. Aside from knowing the lyrics, this can help you get the song down. It can give you clues to how the words are meant, even if given as a metaphor or sarcasm. After listening to it, try rapping along.

  • Try rapping quickly without the background of the song. Try it a second time, making sure to keep the original intent of the words. Rapping quickly and conveying the meaning of the song is an art.

  • Listen to the song as you exercise and while in the car. Although you know the lyrics, hearing them repeatedly always helps them stay in the memory.

  • Develop a quick flow. Get into a speedy rhythm. That's crucial to maintaining the quality of the rap song while performing it fast. Once you've mastered this, you're both rapping well and rapping fast.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't confuse rapping quickly with rapping well. You should study the art of rapping, even if you master rapping really, really fast.

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