How to Make Men Want You

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Master the art of attracting men with an appealing personality.

It takes more than physical beauty to attract most men, although beauty can certainly give a woman an edge on catching the eye of a man. Making men want you involves grabbing their attention and retaining it while also making yourself as appealing as possible. Although it's different for all men, you'll soon discover that the vast majority of men are quickly attracted to women they meet; the trick is to foster that attraction and turn it into actual desire.


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      Make yourself appealing. Most men are very visual, so even if you have a dazzling personality you can't expect an average man to want you if you look a mess. Pay attention to your hygiene and spend time on your hair, makeup, clothing and anything else that can add to your appeal. Don't be something you're not; you shouldn't feel as though you have to play dress up to get men to want you. Simply take your own personal style and make sure you look the best you can.

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      Acknowledge men. You don't have to fall all over a man to get his attention, but if you blatantly ignore men, there's less of a chance that they will bother to allow an initial attraction to evolve into desire. Gauge the situation and decide what level of attention a man prefers, then act accordingly. It's relatively easy to figure out what level of attention attracts individual men. Watch a man's reaction after initial eye contact and decide whether you need to be a little more aggressive or if the glance was enough to rev up his interest.

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      Be confident. If you convey an image of self-confidence, then people will naturally be attracted to you. Take care to not allow your self-confidence to turn into conceit. Although there are some men who are attracted to conceited women, you will certainly alienate the majority of men with this personality trait. If you have issues with feeling good about yourself, give yourself a silent pep talk before walking into a room. Tell yourself that you are desirable and attractive. If you can convince yourself of this, then you can certainly "convince" other people.

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      Pay attention to your body language. A woman who stands huddled in the corner of the room with her arms crossed, not making eye contact with anyone, will not get as much attention from men as a woman walking through the room, interacting with everyone. Don't close yourself off with your body language. Men are more attracted to women who appear to be accessible, even if this is through subtle body language. Don't cross your arms in front of you. Lean in close when a man talks to you. Use understated feminine gestures such as running your fingers through your hair, and don't be afraid to touch a man when you talk to him. A hand on a man's shoulder or knee can catch a man's attention quickly.

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      Pay attention to the man's mannerisms and try to mimic his movements subtly. You want to make him feel at ease in the interaction, so don't push your flirting far beyond his movements. Instead, take things a little higher than where he takes them. For example, if he leans in slightly to speak to you, lean in just a little closer than he did. If he pats your hand while speaking to you, pat his hand, too, but linger a little longer. The trick is to be subtle, and to encourage his attraction to the point he feels as though he is getting all the right signals from you.

Tips & Warnings

  • Learning how to make men want you may take some time and some study of human behavior.

  • You really don't want every man to want you, so be selective about which men you send positive signals to.

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