How to Reduce Breast Size without Surgery

Too busty?
Too busty? (Image: stock.xchng)

When you look at the grooves etched into your shoulders from bra straps, the thought crosses your mind to get breast reduction surgery. Then you pause, as you think of the trauma of going under the knife, being hospitalized, the cost and all the other drawbacks of surgery. Here's another way to cope with being too busty.

You've probably already tried all sorts of bras, trying to find something more comfortable and that doesn't shove your over-sized breasts out even more. They seem to be your most eye-catching feature already.
Get bras that are the right cup size. Spilling out the edges, just makes your bust more lumpy looking. Search for ones with extra wide straps to distribute the weight on your shoulders. Look for the word "minimizer" on the package. A minimizer bra generally distributes the bust in a flattening way instead of the usual bra that puts it all out front.

You'll see online some herbal creams that are supposed to reduce breast size. Ah, come on, do they really think we'll fall for that? You can check the ads out, but I'm very skeptical that you'll see any results for your money.

Okay, here's the bottom line on reducing your breast size without going for surgery. It involves losing weight. Yep, I know how hard it is to lose weight. When I've been successful in dropping ten or fifteen pounds, the first places to trim up are my breasts and my stomach. I can just imagine how many bra sizes I could go down if I'd lose 30 to 40 pounds. Choose a program (exercise more, cut down on high-fat food, whatever) and go for it. You'll know you're succeeding when you can get back into your smaller sized bras and tops. You'll know when you are back-sliding when you start spilling out of them again. Time to cut out the french fries and get back to your walking again. I'll be working on it too.

Tips & Warnings

  • Good luck with bringing down your weight and reducing your bust size.
  • This article does not mean to imply that big busted women are overweight. I just find that in my experience, any extra weight I put on shows up in the area of my bust. Ridding yourself of any excess weight should help reduce weight carried in the breast as well.

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