How to Store Wine at Home


How do you store wine at home? You don't have to have a wine cellar to keep your wines in good condition. Here are some suggestions that should help you keep them safe and at their best with or without a special location.

  • White and sparkling wines are best kept away from bright light. In fact, all wines react poorly to more than minimum artificial light. Finding a spot like this in your home for storing wines should not be difficult.

  • Although it is easier to keep wine at a consistent temperature in a wine cellar, the closer you can get to keeping them between 50' and 60'F the better. At these temperatures the flavor can develop well and they won't age too quickly as warmer temperatures are likely to encourage.

  • Keep bottles on their side to keep corks moist and swollen and avoid any air getting into the wine. You can buy wine racks of all different styles and descriptions to store your wines on their sides at home. Keeping humidity between 60 - 70% also will be good for the cork.

  • If you store your wines in a rack, the top is best for the red wines that can take temperatures slightly warmer. Lay the white wines in the middle and the sparking wines in the lowest and coolest part of the rack. (Heat rises.)

  • Keep wines away from strong odors like fruits, vegetables and cheeses. Open wines are especially likely to become tainted.

  • Try to avoid motion once the wines are laid down. Even vibration from machinery like an air conditioner will unsettle wines.

  • Red wines are best served at room temperature while whites and sparkling wines are better at about 45'F.

  • While wine experts will take further steps to maintain a good wine, these steps will be sufficient to help store wine reasonably well in your home. For more detailed information on how to store wine in the home, please check the links listed below under Resources.

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