How to Make a Popcorn Box Costume


Each Halloween, trick-or-treaters and partygoers alike seek out homemade costumes that are visually appealing and easy to make. This old-fashioned popcorn box uses supplies found around the home and allows you or your child to personify the famous movie theater snack. With little effort and a minimal time investment, this project requires little crafting skill and can be accomplished on a shoestring budget.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • One-sided wrapping paper
  • Insulating foam sealant
  • Printer paper
  • Glue gun
  • Elastic
  • Masking tape
  • Ribbon
  • Bowl
  • Rubber cement
  • Black and red permanent markers
  • Cut the cardboard box with scissors to fit the wearer. Make sure the bottom of the box is secured shut with masking tape and remove the top flaps with scissors. Turn the box upside down, orienting it with the missing flaps down. Cut two circular arm holes, starting each two inches down from the top on either side of the box. Cut a large circular hole in the box's bottom to serve as a head opening, positioning the hole centrally on that side.

  • Cover the box in wrapping paper. Unroll the wrapping paper and cut it to fit all remaining five sides of the box, without worrying about factoring for the circular holes. Set these sheets of wrapping paper aside, print side up. Spread rubber cement on the edges of the print side of the wrapping paper and adhere to a side of the box so that the white side shows. Repeat this process until each side has been covered in white wrapping paper.

  • Create red stripes using the red marker and ruler. Draw one-inch-thick vertical stripes with the red marker each spaced one inch apart, using the ruler as a guide for straightness. Draw these stripes on all four sides, excluding the top.

  • Decorate the front of the costume. Using the black permanent marker to avoid smudging, write the word "Popcorn" in big black letters on the front of the box, adding any design you wish to draw to create the box's "label."

  • Create pieces of "popcorn" for the costume with insulating foam sealant. Crumple sheets of white printer paper haphazardly and hold them over a garbage can. Follow the directions on the insulating foam and spray it evenly over the paper. Allow the foam to harden to create a popcorn-like finish. Repeat this process four or five times.

  • Cut the wrapping paper over the holes in the top and side of the box using scissors. Use a few dabs of rubber cement to secure any loose wrapping paper around the holes.

  • Hot glue the pieces of foam popcorn to the costume. Add a few pieces on either side of the head hole on the box's top side. Glue two pieces to the front of the box.

  • Attach elastic to the remaining foam popcorn piece to create a headpiece. Place the remaining foam piece on the top of the costume wearer's head and measure out enough elastic to comfortably fit from one edge of the foam around the chin and back to the other side. Add two inches to your measurement and cut the elastic with scissors. Hot glue the elastic's ends to either side of the foam piece, gluing 3/4-inch elastic on the bottom of the foam at either side.

  • Spray the insulating foam around an old bowl to create a popcorn-motif trick-or-treat basket. Once the foam dries around the bowl, attach an elastic strap using the hot glue gun.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep the hot glue gun out of reach of children to avoid burns.
  • Make sure children do not eat or ingest stray pieces of insulating foam.

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