How to Play Two Hand Touch Football


Football is a game of contact, but if you don't have the equipment to prevent serious injuries, you can still enjoy the game with less contact. Two hand touch football is a classic backyard game that can be played nearly anywhere there is room to throw a football. The rules vary, but following a standard set and adjusting them as needed will bring out the full potential of this fun sport.

Things You'll Need

  • Football
  • Cones
  • Chalk
  • Coin
  • Choose teams. Teams can be preselected, but if they are not, then choose them by picking two captains, who take turns selecting players for each team until everyone has been selected. Assign an automatic quarterback if there's an odd-man out or implement the use of substitutes.

  • Assign the playing field. Unless you are playing on an actual football field, you will need to set markers and goal lines. The easiest things to use are traffic cones for the two goal lines or chalk if you are playing in the street.

  • Flip a coin to determine who gets the ball first. The kickoff can be done two different ways, actually kicking the ball or throwing it up into the air. Onside kicks are not allowed in two hand touch football, but if the ball deflects off of a player then the ball is live.

  • Tackle a player by tagging him with two hands. The tackling system is done on the honor code and if an argument occurs then it is by majority rules or the play is done over. Pulling or tugging of clothing is not allowed and tags should be made as an open-palmed motion without any pushing.

  • Gain a first down or touchdown in four downs or the other team receives the ball. In order to gain a first down, you must successfully complete three passes that are past the line of scrimmage. First-down markers are too hard to keep track of, so the completion rule is common in any type of two hand touch and flag football as well.

  • Run a blitz once for every set of downs. Otherwise defensive players can't rush the quarterback until a predetermined count has been made. This count usually consists of "Seven Mississippi" but it can vary game by game.

  • Score the game by adding six points for every touchdown and one point for every conversion. Conversions are played as a regular play where the offensive team tries to score in the end zone. As an alternative, extra points can be eliminated all together and touchdowns can be the only scores that count.

  • Play until a certain score is reached or use a time limit. Set an alarm on a cell phone or use a stop watch in order to measure the time. If one team is winning by a lot then the game can be called as well.

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