How to Grow Hair Back After Anorexia


Winning a battle with anorexia nervosa is truly a victory when you think about all the unfortunate ones who lost their lives to this controlling eating disorder. Anorexia victims starve themselves to the point were their bodies break down on both a psychological and a physical level, leaving them with behavioral problems and other physical ailments. While a person is struggling with anorexia, they may find that their hair has become dry, dull, and breaks easily. Some people with anorexia even lose their precious locks. Besides hair and skin problems an anorexic person may experience a decrease in hormone and testosterone levels, a decrease in bone density, mood swings, heart and kidney problems, and sleeplessness. The cause of these symptoms is poor eating habits. If you have been a victim of anorexia nervosa and are on your way to recovery, count your blessings, pick yourself up, and brush yourself off. It’s time for you to get to work and restore your body to a healthy state. You have been through a lot, so it may take a little while. You may want to start with restoring your hair if you experienced some hair loss. Follow the steps below and you should see the growth of a healthy head of hair in a few months.

Eat healthy if you want your hair to grow back. The cause of hair loss as a result of anorexia has much to do with inadequate nourishment. Every part of your body feeds off of the food you eat, including your hair. If you starve yourself, as people suffering from anorexia do, you starve your hair as well. Once you start taking in nutrient rich foods, your hair should grow back. There are foods that are more beneficial to eat if you want to encourage hair growth. Some of these foods include onions, bananas, green peppers, carrots, apples, strawberries, peanut butter on bread, rice and beans, and green tea.

Take a vitamin supplement that contains vitamins A, E, folic acid, B12, and biotin to foster the growth of healthy hair. In Linda Page’s All New Eleventh Edition of Healthy Healing it’s noted that vitamin A is important for the development of healthy bone cells, which contributes to healthy hair. Vitamin B12 assists in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin E and biotin are effective in controlling hair loss, and folic acid is responsible for the proliferation of new cells.

Massage your scalp daily for five minutes. This will stimulate blood circulation.

Administer proper hair care by using chemical-free products, and avoid using hot water when you wash your hair. When you wash your hair, wet it with warm water. Rinse with cool water.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to eat only unprocessed foods. Processed foods have little nutritional value.

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