How to Get the Flower Crown in Final Fantasy X


The Blossom Crown is one of the items required to get the rarest summon spell in all of Final Fantasy X: The Magus Sisters. Once you have this flowery crown, as well as the flower scepter, you can use them on the door in Remiem Temple and acquire the Magus Sisters Aeon. To do that, you'll first need to get the Blossom Crown, by talking to the arena master in the Calm Lands.

Things You'll Need

  • Final Fantasy X game
  • Walk to the Calm Lands and go to the east of the fenced area, until you reach the Monster Arena. Talk to the master there and accept the quest to begin capturing fiends for him.

  • Capture one of each type of fiend across the Calm Lands. Once you have successfully done this, return to the Arena Master, and he will reward you, as well as offering new weapons for sale.

  • Purchase the special Capture weapons from the Arena Master for all of your characters. If you cannot afford the Capture weapons for every character, buy them for three characters, and then only fight with those three characters.

  • Go to Mt. Gagazet and the Cave of Gagazet and capture one of each type of fiend there. Here is the list you will need: Bandersnatch, Ahriman, Dark Flan, Grenade, Grat, Grendel, Bashura, Madragora, Behemoth, Splasher, Acelous, Maelspike

  • Return to the Arena Master once you have completed your capturing mission, and he will reward you with the Blossom Crown. This will allow you to open the door in Remiem Temple.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember, you'll still need to defeat Spathi in Remiem Temple for the Flower Scepter before you can open the sealed door.

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