How to Find The Best High Yield Safe Investments

Welcome to the Fort Knox of investments!
Welcome to the Fort Knox of investments!

A lot of people today have been stung by the current financial conditions, whether in stocks or otherwise. And, as a result, many are running for cover and seeking the safest money investments they can find to shelter their assets until the economy turns around.

We're seeing many investors now moving their money into investments like cash and "treasuries" that aren't going to keep pace with inflation. And although they aren't happy about losing money with any investment, they are settling for losing a little versus losing a lot somewhere else (e.g. the stock market).

I too have taken a more conservative approach with my investment portfolio, but I want you to understand that you can still find high yield safe investments right now if you know where to look! That's the key: most people don't know where to look, so they're settling for break-even or money-losing investments, when they don't have to.

"You can still find high yield safe investments without having to settle for break-even or money-losing assets! And I'll tell you where to find them."

Below, is important information about two of the most secure, high yield safe investments you can make today.

One is a very timely short-term investment that is expected to continue flourishing for the the next 2-3 years.

The other has been a cornerstone investment for many of the world's wealthiest investors for generations because it can deliver both asset security and superior yields. Best of all, it is expected to flourish for the next 25 years and I'm going to tell you exactly why, how and where this is happening!

Things You'll Need

  • An open mind
  • Desire to make a lot of money
  • Money to invest

To find the best high yield safe investments, the first step is to keep an open mind. These days, many people run away when they hear anything related to "real estate".

At the same time, if you ask people whether we are in a buyer's or seller's market for real estate -- most will correctly say BUYER'S MARKET. In other words, great deals can be found and sellers are motivated.

So, before YOU run away, you owe it to yourself AND your bank account to learn about two very timely forms of real estate investment that have the potential of making you rich!

Raw Land Development Investments
Raw Land Development Investments
  1. SHORT-TERM: For the next 2-3 years, I absolutely believe that foreclosure properties & bank-owned REO properties are the very best investments available to investors today. And I'm talking about across ALL investments -- these investments have the greatest wealth-building potential of all.

To learn more about a high yield safe investments strategy that can make you rich, click on the "FORECLOSURES" link in the Resource Section below.


  1. MID-LONG TERM: For the purposes of this article we're going to focus on a form of real estate investing that few investors understand or even know about: Investing as a silent partner with land developers in Raw Land Development projects.

Raw land development bears no resemblance to other forms of traditional real estate investments that most people are familiar with, such as residential or commercial real estate - which we know are both experiencing big problems these days.

Also, please be clear that I am not talking about "Raw Land investments" (also called "Land Banking") which is where you would buy undeveloped property, sit on it for a period of time, pray for appreciation and then hopefully, sell it for a profit.

"RAW LAND DEVELOPMENT investments" are much different.

You may have heard it said that: "more millionaires have been made in real estate than any other asset type of investment".

To take that a step further, professionally managed raw land developments are the most profitable and secure form of real estate investment!

Below are the steps that professional land developers take to create high yield safe investments with raw land development projects. And this is why they are cornerstone investments for many of the world's wealthiest investors.

Professional raw land developers do not rely on market appreciation for their profits, unlike "land bankers". Developers actually make their money by obtaining government approvals to use raw, undeveloped land for projects such as master-planned communities, shopping centers, business parks, etc. Once their plans are drafted and approved by the governmental agencies, the newly approved or "entitled" land is worth, on average, 3-5 times more than it was when purchased as raw, undeveloped land. (And this is before any structures or other improvements have been installed on the property!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: True raw land developers are not builders. They acquire raw, undeveloped land, get it approved to build on and then sell it to builders at a 300-500% MARK-UP, on average! This is why raw land development is the most profitable form of real estate.

Proposed land use plans are presented for approval
Proposed land use plans are presented for approval

During economic downturns like we are experiencing today, RAW LAND OWNERS are usually much more motivated to sell than in stronger economies. And, because professional raw land developers are typically far more knowledgeable about future community growth plans, they can often obtain desirable undeveloped land at bargain prices.

Raw undeveloped land
Raw undeveloped land

Because real estate is "cyclical" in nature, the timing for raw land development today is about as close to perfect as can be.

It usually takes 2 or more years to obtain all the required governmental approvals and complete a medium-large raw land development project.

So, assuming a raw land development project started today and if history repeats itself, the real estate cycle will very likely have turned back up by the time the project has been completed.

Predictions are that we will begin to pull out of the down-cycle nationally by 2010. So, the timing today is extremely favorable and poses an opportunity for raw land developers and savvy investors to benefit from extraordinary property appreciation (which isn't normally factored into a land developer's calculations).

The timing for raw land development is about perfect
The timing for raw land development is about perfect

Raw land development expansion is an absolute necessity - not an option. We simply will require more land development in 10 Major U.S. Markets to support the U.S. population growth projections of >70 million new people over the next 25 years!

"Today, we are on the ground floor of an unprecedented raw land development expansion taking place in 10 Major U.S. Markets. It is the "perfect investment storm" for informed investors: when all the elements come together for an extraordinary event."

To learn exactly why, how & where this perfect storm is taking place: Click on "PERFECT STORM" in the Resource Section below.


Finally, it's important for you to understand what sets raw land development investments apart from other high yield investments.

Here are the reasons why raw land development investments are cornerstone investments for many of the world's wealthiest investors and why every accredited investor needs to consider including these high yield safe investments in their retirement portfolios:

1) On average, a professionally managed raw land development project will increase the value of raw, undeveloped land by 3-5 TIMES what was originally paid for the property. In other words: an average 300-500% Gross Return On Investment for the raw land developer! (Before associated costs.)

2) Raw Land Development Investments are typically secured by the value of the land that is being developed. Also, investors are usually placed in 1st position for project assets and revenue for additional investor security. This means, in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe (heaven forbid), the land can be sold, allowing investors to recoup all or part of their investments in the project. Now compare that with stocks, bonds and most other investments where there is virtually no security on invested funds.

3) Raw land is virtually recession-proof because it really doesn't appreciate or depreciate much in it's undeveloped form, regardless of the economy (until the development process is completed.)

If you would like to know more about anything in this article that the links below cannot answer, you can visit my website at: WWW.JOHNHANLIN.COM and drop me a line via my Contact Form. I'll respond promptly.

Average $ increases in land value are 300-500%
Average $ increases in land value are 300-500%

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