How to Pack a Penske Rental Truck


Although moving to a new home can be an exciting development in anyone's life, it inspires a fair amount of trepidation as well. Aside from the social aspect of having to meet new neighbors, one of the aspects of moving that concerns people the most is packing up their belongings and putting them into a rental truck.

Still, packing a Penske rental truck doesn't need to be as overwhelming as you might think, especially if you follow some guidelines that will enable you to do the job accurately and effectively.

  • Start with the major appliances. The large ones should always be packed first. It's best to get these firmly in the back of the truck, to avoid needing to try to cram them in later. This is especially true of the 12-foot Penske rental trucks that do not leave a lot of extra room. In a 26-foot Penske truck, there may be a little more margin for error, assuming the truck will not be completely full. First remove any loose pieces from the appliances and pack them in a separate box. If any of the appliances have doors that open or accessories that move, these items should be tied closed to make sure they do not open after being packed.

  • Use the mattresses to line the walls. Though mattresses need to be packed, they can serve a dual role and provide padding as well. Lining the walls of the truck with them can help decrease the possibility that furniture or other items will get scratched from rubbing up against those walls. You can also protect large mirrors by placing them in between two mattresses. This creates a tight but cushioned area that will keep the mirror from becoming cracked.

  • Pack books in small boxes. It can be tempting to find a couple of large boxes and pack all of your books in them. But those boxes can get very heavy. It is best to use several smaller boxes and pack them low to the ground in the Penske rental truck. This will provide a stable platform on which other boxes can be placed.

  • Take special care with dishes. Each breakable dish should be individually wrapped in a plastic bag and newspaper. It is best to stack these dishes on their edges instead of flat on top of one another. Cups can be stacked, but no more than three or four at a time. Once the dishes are packed in boxes, place those boxes somewhere close to the top of the storage area of the truck. If other boxes are stacked on top of boxes that contain dishes, there is a strong possibility the dishes will break from the pressure.

  • Drain any outdoor machinery. If you're moving items like lawnmowers, weed eaters, snow blowers or gas-powered trimmers, drain the oil and gas from them before trying to pack them in the truck. Also make sure the blades of these items will not be exposed. If they are, they could damage other boxes and bags during the move.

  • Television sets need support. When packing items like TVs and computers that have fragile screens, remember that they should always be packed within boxes. This allows you to put packing peanuts or bubble wrap around the monitors so they will not be accidentally broken during the trip.

Tips & Warnings

  • Even if it seems as if there will be enough room in a truck to pack all of your belongings, do not assume that this will hold true. Pack the truck as tightly as possible, in case you run out of space before all of the items are packed.
  • Penske rental trucks comes in different sizes. Getting a truck that is too large could make it difficult to pack properly, because there is too much extra space.

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