How to Increase Direct Sales


Direct sales can be difficult if you can't find customers. Potential customers are easier to find than you think. You need ideas that are creative and a positive attitude. No one wants to buy from "Debbie Downer".

Things You'll Need

  • Motivation
  • Determination
  • Creativity
  • Do not spend time on dead ends. Do not beg people to buy, your time is limited and it can be much better spent. If someone says no just say next. Direct Sales catalogs are expensive, don't waist them.

  • Be a listener. Customers want to buy products from people who have interest in what they have to say. Not someone who talks the entire time.

  • Believe in yourself and the product you are selling. You should never sell something that you know is an inferior product. You are going for repeat business.

  • Sell your product to people who actually want them. If you sell beauty products you will want focus mostly on people who will use them. Who is focused on their looks? Well people who go to the gym, beauty salon, tanning salon and nail salon. If you sell items focused on kids you will find customers at dance class, school sports events, PTA meetings, gymnastics and pediatrician offices. You can always get a catalog out of your purse and start thumbing through the pages. Chances are someone will notice. If someone looks bored, hand them one.

  • Be creative. It's getting harder and harder to sell the old fashion way. You know the parties where you show your direct sales product and then take orders. Have a bunco. I've always had great results with these. Do a price is right or bingo. Make it fun.

  • Spread the word. Sometimes people don't even realize you are selling a product that they use. Use your product yourself. If you sell purses, use one. Chances are someone is going to say "I love that purse". This is one of the easiest ways I have ever lured a customer. I also give gifts of the products I sell. When it's a large birthday party and the birthday girl opens the nice smelling perfume I gave her.. Well everyone at the party is going to want to smell it and some will ask where they can get some.

  • Another way I have promoted my direct sales business is contacting the schools for fund-raising. I don't gain any money from the fund-raiser but I gain many repeat customers. It also helps if you have certain levels of sells to be met. The company I sell for gives me a larger discount if my orders are bigger. I buy my items in with the fund-raiser so I can get a larger discount and make more money. It also puts me in a higher level of direct sales to buy more demonstration products at a reduced price.

  • If your direct sales company offers demos or samples buy them, you get to take them off your taxes. When you get finished with them have drawing for them.. A good promotion is to say this month for every $10.00 people buy from me, they will earn an entry into my drawing for last months samples. People love having the chance to get something for free. If their total is 17.00 chances are if you mention your promotion they will spend that extra 3.00 to gain another entry.

  • Target places such as work place, schools, apartment complexes, sub divisions and so forth. As high as fuel is you will want to sell and deliver products to places that allows you to reach more customers in one stop. A great place is a fancier retirement home or assistant living facility. I know a lady who sells to an upper scale facility and has at least 500 - 800 in sales every other week just from the one place. Most of these people have children and grandchildren. They don't get out often. They order gifts for family and friends and products for themselves. It's not for everyone but with the right ideas there is money to be made in direct sales.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be creative. Can not stress it enough.
  • Some direct sales people will profit off the fundraisers and it is your choice. I just don't feel comfortable with it.
  • Bunco and bingo can be illegal in some states if you are not conducting them in a just for fun manner.

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