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What  do koi fish symbolize? (Photo by author)
What do koi fish symbolize? (Photo by author)

Koi fish are beautiful in ponds as they swim powerfully and serenely through the water. They are coveted for their beauty and longevity. They are also used in paintings, decor, fabric design and for the subject of tattoos. That is because the koi is not only an ornamental fish, but because it is steeped in symbolism. Here is a little information about what koi fish symbolize. Using the concepts behind koi symbolism may help you use koi more effectively in your own decoration choices.

If you want to study the symbolism of koi fish for use in decor, tattoos or in the garden, first study the roots of the symbolic history. In Japan and China the symbolism of the koi fish represents perseverance in adversity, determination and strength of purpose. It is usually considered a symbol of masculine strength, though it can be applied to women as well. Accenting these characteristics may help you define a koi tatoo for your own body.

Art by stoop-kid at Photobucket -- Koi
Art by stoop-kid at Photobucket -- Koi

Learn about the myths. The tale of Dragon Gate has the mythical koi swimming against heavy upstream currents until it encounters the great, final waterfall. Leaping through the heavy mists, the koi surmounts the waterfall, transforming into a dragon. You can see where perseverance, determination and ambition come in. You can punch up the myth or theme in decorating your outdoor pond.

Use the symbolism to accent your use of koi fish icons. Another variation in significance interprets koi fish as symbolizing non-conformism and independence in its willingness to go against accepted currents. This may make the choice of wearing a koi print fabric more alluring.

Interior decor can be enhanced with the use of koi designs. To add another representation to your interior design consider that swimming up river is also seen as surpassing expectations. This symbolism may help your surroundings feel more supportive.

Because koi fish do tend to wiggle and flap less than most fish when taken from the water, they can also symbolize bravery. Using the image of a koi on a boat, plane, motorhome or bicycle may be appropriate decor for when you start out on a trip.

Some people feel that what koi fish symbolize is simply good fortune or good luck. Using good luck to decorate anything important in your life may help you feel more likely to attract good luck. Place a koi image where it will be most meaningful to you.

Today the koi has taken on a representation of family in Japan where koi flags are often used to celebrate holidays. But it's strongest significance remains in perseverance, strength of character and purpose. You, too, can make your own flags to represent the power of your family.

Koi tattoo image by bigly-bigly at Photobucket
Koi tattoo image by bigly-bigly at Photobucket

Koi fish are members of the Carp family. They move with grace and determination and add beauty whether they are living in your pond, designed in a painting, or tattooed on skin. They are powerful symbols and play an important role in both Chinese and Japanese mythology and fable. Using the symbolism of koi can make you feel more empowered and lucky.

There are more interpretations on the symbolism of koi, as well. For more information about what do koi fish symbolize, please see the links below in additional Resources.

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