How to Make Charming Wedding Favors Inexpensively


Wedding favors can look elegant and charming without spending a lot of money. The key is to make the favors yourself using inexpensive materials. Enjoy the freedom and creativity of fashioning favors that beautifully match the color or theme of your wedding.

Things You'll Need

  • New test tubes, plastic or glass
  • Cork or plastic stoppers
  • Filler, such as candy, bubble bath or confetti
  • Funnel
  • Tags or labels for tubes
  • Ribbon
  • Embellishments for tube, such as small silk flowers or sequins
  • New or used spoons, not plastic
  • Melting chocolate
  • Double boiler
  • Wax paper
  • Edible embellishments, such as sprinkles or cocoa powder
  • Clear plastic gift bags with ties
  • Tags or labels
  • Individually wrapped tea bags
  • Cardstock in color of choice
  • Glue
  • Embellishments for teabag wrappers, such as stickers or labels
  • Indelible pen for writing on teabag wrapper (optional)

Test Tube Favors

  • Decide on a filler for your test tube favors. Suggestions include small candies, flower seeds, bubble bath or bath salts, and confetti. Think about color, especially if you plan to match the favor contents to your wedding colors. Select filler that will come out of the test tube easily.

  • Purchase glass or plastic test tubes with stoppers of cork or plastic. Glass is clearer than plastic and more scratch-resistant. Choose a size tube that will hold what you plan to use as a filling. Test tubes are available at some craft stores and online.

  • Fill each test tube using a funnel. A small cooking funnel is fine, or make one with a piece of rolled cardstock. Make sure the hole in the funnel is big enough to allow the tube filling to pass through. Leave enough space at the top of the tube to insert the stopper.

  • Provide a tag for each filled, stoppered tube. Options include printing out decorative labels on the computer and gluing them around the tubes or tying handmade labels to the tubes with ribbon.

  • Embellish the tubes. Choose small silk flowers, fancy ribbon, glued sequins or anything else that fits the theme and style of your wedding. Don't overwhelm the tube with decorations. Allow the filling itself to act as part of the trimming.

Chocolate Spoons

  • Buy durable, attractive spoons. Avoid plastic. Shop discount stores and even thrift stores for good buys. Spoons don't have to match each other as long as the styles complement your wedding colors or theme. Remember to economize; get the most spoons for the least amount of money.

  • Choose the flavor and kind of chocolate for the spoons. Use chocolate melting wafers, chocolate chips or grated baking chocolate. Go with milk, dark or white chocolate, or use a combination for a variety of spoons. Craft stores, some department stores and cake decorating stores sell chocolate wafers; most grocery stores sell chocolate chips and baking chocolate. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler so you can keep the chocolate from hardening while you dip the spoons.

  • Dip the bowl of each spoon in the melted chocolate. Hold the spoon by the handle and let the excess chocolate drip from the bowl back into the pan. When the excess chocolate has run off, lay the spoon face down on a sheet of wax paper, propped up by a knife or other item so the chocolate doesn't touch the wax paper. Let the chocolate cool and solidify, then turn each spoon over and prop up the handle so the spoon is level. Dribble chocolate into the bowl of the spoon to fill it.

  • Add some edible embellishments before the chocolate has cooled and solidified completely. Options include tipping the end of the bowl with a contrasting melted chocolate, such as white over dark; adding colored or chocolate sprinkles; or dusting with cocoa powder. Chocolate melting wafers come in various colors, so you may want to experiment first to see what kinds of effects you can come up with.

  • Allow the finished spoons to cool completely. Place each inside a decorated clear gift bag such as those used to give cookies or candy. Bags are available in craft stores and cake decorating stores. Twist-tie the bags closed if the bags come with ties; otherwise, use ribbon.

  • Attach tags to the spoon bags with ribbon. Tags can be handwritten or printed on the computer. As an alternative, you can print a decorative label and apply it directly to the bag.

Personalized Tea Bags

  • Buy individually packaged tea bags -- each tea bag comes in its own little envelope -- and cardstock paper. Sometimes individual tea bags are available in bulk and in mixed flavor assortments. Don't overlook herbal tea bags; many are caffeine-free, and names such as chamomile sound and look pretty.

  • Embellish the front of each cardstock strip. Options include stickers, rubber stamps and labels printed on the computer. You may want to add text as well, computer generated or written by hand. Use an indelible pen, colored or metallic, for handwritten text. Text can feature the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date, a romantic saying or a thank-you to the wedding guests. Make sure you decorate only the part of the strip that will appear on the front of the tea bag.

  • Fold the embellished cardstock strip around the tea bag from top to bottom so the ends overlap on the back. Seal with a dot of glue.

  • Punch two holes at the top through the cardstock and tea bag envelope. Insert ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Check several sources, in person or online, for the best prices on items for your favors. Include dollar and discount stores, party supply retailers and thrift stores.
  • Make sure you have what you need before you start.

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