How to Apply Makeup on Round Faces, BBW's and more

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Whether you're a BBW -- big, beautiful woman -- or simply have a round face, you can create the illusion of a slimmer face. Use makeup techniques to enhance your features and show off your beauty.

Things You'll Need

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Contouring powder or bronzer
  • Concealer
  • Two shades of eye makeup, one medium and one darker
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Blush Brush
  • Powder Brush
  • Eyeshadow applicators, one sponge and one thin brush

Apply your foundation, evenly, to your face, throat and chest.

Apply the lighter eyeshadow from the lid to the browline and around to the bottom corners of the eye.

Option 1: Apply the darker shade to the lid and just above the crease of the eye, to make the crease appear higher.

Option 2: If your lids are small in appearance just use the darker shade above the crease and leave the lids light.

If you have good brows, with a nice shape and a decent amount of hair, take your mascara and gently brush it on them in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once it's dry gently brush ot back and shape them with a brow brush or an old mascara brush. If you have no hairs or very light hair draw your brows on by slowly building them up in an arch which starts and ends on either side of the eye... making the brows just slightly longer than the eyes.

Apply the eyeliner from the outside of the eye in, using smooth motions and having the line sweep up, slightly, to make a little cat's eye effect. Do a similar line on the bottom, only smaller and shorter, stopping at the middle of the eye. Don't forget your mascara! To make a nice coat make little "s"'s as you pull up, thus coating the left and right side of the lashes and separating them.

Take your powder brush and use a contouring powder or bronzer that is slightly darker than your foundation. Brush on either side of your face and below your jawline. This defines the jaw and makes the face appear thinner.

(Optional) If you have a short nose or chin or a very small nose etc. you can use a lighter concealer or powder to lengthen or accentuate areas.

I once read that a woman's under eye concealer should be one shade lighter than the rest of her face, thus brightening the eyes. I like this effect usually, but it doesn't work well if one hasn't used foundation.

Play with these two contouring powders, (the dark and light), and see what works on you! Either way you'll probably want to do a little under-eye concealing now, to clean up an eyeshadow that might have dropped below the eyes etc..

Choose a blush that's within your natural skin color range. To apply, first suck in your cheeks. Apply it in the recessed cheek area lightly. If you have a lighter blush, (or, if I am wearing coppery eyeshadow I will often use the same shadow), smile and powder some on the "apples" of your cheeks for effect.

Lightly brush your nose, forehead and chin with the blush remaining on the brush to create a healthy glow.

Complete the look with a hairstyle that draws the eye up to the crown of the head, to make the face look longer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you have dry skin make sure to use oil-based moisturizers and foundations if possible, especially in the winter!
  • If you have oily skin: in the winter try using a light, oil based moisturizer with a water based foundation or mineral powder. In the summer switch to a water based moisturizer and mineral powder.
  • Make your eyebrows start just outside the eye corners, so they extend slightly more on either end then the eyes. Trim or wax them in an upward line to raise the brows while thinning them.
  • If you have dark hair that shows on your face try removing it with either wax or a facial hair remover, (similar to Nair). Be cautious with the latter, though, as it can be rough on skin and it can also smell. As with tweezing of the eyebrows, remove hair the night before if possible.
  • Another option for dark facial hair is a hair lightening cream. I have never tried one of these, personally, but I have seen them for sale multiple places.
  • Choose which you want to accentuate each makeup session, the eyes or lips. Make one natural and barely noticeable and the other more exciting and you will achieve maximum "wow!"
  • If your eyes have any overhang or are small do not use liner or makeup all the way around them, this effect will make them looked closed and even smaller. Try multiple lining types and see what looks good on you!
  • avoid anything contaning mineral oil or alcohol if possible. Mineral oil can clog pores and alcohol can overdry skin, thus making it produce MORE oil.
  • Tweeze or wax your eyebrows the night before a makeup application, if possible, to avoid redness showing through or having your makeup clog the newly opened pores.
  • When applying moisturizers, foundations etc. do NOT pull on the skin! This is especially important around the eye areas as this can damage the skin and also cause wrinkles.

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