How to Change Your Profile Picture on Facebook

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Protect your privacy on Facebook by putting up a picture of your pet, instead!
Protect your privacy on Facebook by putting up a picture of your pet, instead!

Your profile picture is the face that you show the world on Facebook. Learn how to make the best impression with the following tips!

Things You'll Need

  • Internet
  • Facebook account
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      Locate a picture that you want to be your profile picture.

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      If the picture is already on Facebook, click on the picture. In the lower righthand corner, you will see a list of possible actions. Click on "Make Profile Picture". The website will prompt you to crop the portion of the picture that you want to be your profile. You can either: 1. Drag a corner of the small cropping box to make it bigger or larger to include a section of the picture OR 2. Drag all corners of the small box to all edges of the picture. Option 2 will select the entire picture. Option 1 is useful if, for example, the picture includes you and two friends. You can just crop the part of the picture that includes yourself and make that your profile picture. Both of the options will resave the cropped images in your "Profile Pictures" folder.

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      If the picture is on a website, save it to your computer in a folder/ file location that you will be able to easily locate. Once the picture is saved onto your computer, login and go to your Facebook profile. Click on your profile (default) picture. On the page that comes up, above all of the thumbnails, you will see "Edit Photos" / "Change Profile Picture". Click on "Change Profile Picture". On the next page, click "Browse". Find your picture and click on it. Check the box that says you have the rights to the picture, and click on "Upload Picture".

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      You can also select a portion of your profile picture to be your thumbnail picture. This is the picture that comes up next to your name on chats, mini feeds, and applications on Facebook (such as "Lil Green Patch"). Generally, it is the middle of your profile picture, but you can adjust it as needed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be cautious and adjust your privacy settings so that only your friends can see your profile and/ or profile pic. If you put a picture of your pet, a flower, a place you have visited as your profile pic, then you can retain anonymity to an extent.

  • Get creative with photo editting sites (do a google search) to add banners and other effects to your picture.

  • Do not add anyone to your friends that you do not feel comfortable with.

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