How to Clip Grocery Coupons to Save the Most Money


Clipping coupons or finding printable coupons online can be a real money saver at the grocery store. It doesn't have to take a lot of time to clip or print grocery coupons either. But you have to know how to properly clip coupons to make the most of your time and money.

  • Before you even start clipping coupons for the week go through your grocery store circular to see what's on sale. Come up with a grocery list based on sale items for the week.

  • Now that you have your list you can start cutting coupons from the newspaper or printing free online coupons (for great places to find printable coupons see the link in the Resource Section below). ONLY clip coupons for items that are either on your list, are not on your list but that you regularly use, or are currently sale and could replace another product on your list. See Step #5.

  • Clipping coupons for items on your grocery list is a no brainer. These are items that you'd buy anyway and now you're getting a discount on them. If you find a coupon for a certain brand of pasta, but it's different than the pasta you normally buy, try switching it up. Just make sure the price of the item minus the coupon discount is still cheaper than the price of the brand you normally purchase. This is especially important if you regularly buy store brand items.

  • If you come across a coupon for an item that you normally use but you don't need it this week clip it anyway. Save it in your coupon folder for one of the following situations. Use the coupon if you run out of the item, if you still have the item but it's on sale at the store (say it's 2/$5 and you have a .50 coupon), or if the coupon is about to expire.

  • If you come across a coupon for an item that you would not normally buy but you know the item is on sale AND it can replace something on your grocery list clip it. For example, your family usually prefers ice cream as a dessert so you have that on your list to buy. But let's say you come across a $1 off coupon for Jello Brand Pudding snacks. You know from your store's circular that the same product is on sale for $2.50 instead of the regular price of $3.00. In this case clip or print the online coupon and use it to get the pudding dessert instead of the ice cream. Your family will still be able to satisfy their sweet tooth and you can save money by purchasing an on-sale/coupon dessert instead of a full price ice cream. Get the ice cream next week when it's buy one get one free.

  • Go through your grocery list and put a star next to any item for which you have a coupon. Make a note of the specific brand and any special requirements (ie, must buy 2) next to the product. Immediately after you put the item in your cart, pull your coupon from your file and place it somewhere you won't miss it (the front of your file, your pocket, your cart). When you go to check out you'll have all your coupons together. This way you won't be stuck looking through a pile of clipped coupons while you're rushing to pay and risk missing one.

  • Don't over-clip! The biggest money trap when it comes to coupons is clipping coupons for items you never use just because it's a good deal. Who cares if you can save $1 on chips if you never eat chips. You can save $3.50 by not buying them at all! Remember, don't cut out coupons for items you wouldn't normally buy otherwise you may be tempted to purchase the item just so you can use your coupon.

Tips & Warnings

  • Go through your coupon file each week to weed out coupons that are about to expire or have expired. Having too many coupons in your file will make it more difficult to find the coupons that you can use!

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