How to Develop a Hobby

Having a hobby is an effective form of stress relief because you can relax and do something you enjoy while lessening any guilty feelings by being productive. Developing a hobby can give you a relaxed goal, while still giving you a sense of achievement. Some hobbies develop naturally, while others may take some effort at first to nurture. When developing a hobby, there are a few main points to keep in mind to make it something lasting and valuable to you.


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      Write down a list of the leisure activities you enjoy and determine which thing on the list would be your choice if you could only pick one. You don't have to choose something you are already proficient at, as the journey is part of the fun; it only has to be something you believe you would enjoy enough to pursue.

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      Assess your schedule and decide when you can fit in time for your new hobby. It is not reasonable to wait until you have unlimited leisure time to pursue something that is enjoyable to you. A hobby is supposed to give you a break from the stresses of life.

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      Find a buddy. It is always satisfying to talk over something you enjoy with like-minded people. Ask around to your friends and neighbors to see what similar interests you have. If you can't find someone who has the same hobby, look online for chat forums or blogs.

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      Check your local area listings for classes that can help you develop your hobby. For instance, craft stores often hold classes or seminars to help the aspiring knitter or cake decorator. Ski resorts teach people of all ages and skills or your local gym can help give you tips on how to train for a race. People also offer their personal services for sale on everything from guitar to cooking.

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