How to Clean a Japanese Fighting Fish's Fish Bowl

Red and Teal Japanese Fighting Fish
Red and Teal Japanese Fighting Fish (Image:

Since Japanese Fighting fish live in a simple fish bowl with still water it needs to be cleaned by hand on a regular basis. Japanese Fighting Fish can survive in water right from your tap and one pet fish can be kept in a small fish bowl. Fresh water is necessary in order to replace the fish's waste, as well as give the fish calcium, zinc and potassium that has been depleted from the old water. Keep your Japanese Fighting Fish happy and healthy by keeping his water clean.

Move your fish to another fish bowl so you can get rid of the old water in his bowl. Add room temperature water to the temporary bowl. Use a small fish net to gently catch your fish and carefully place him in the temporary fish bowl. Set the net aside.

Remove any plants and accessories from the fish bowl. Dump out the old water from the fish bowl. You can stick your hand in the fish bowl to ensure that none of the rocks go down the drain. Get as much of the water dumped out as you can.

Hold the fish bowl underneath the faucet. Carefully turn the warm water on so it comes out slowly. Stick your hand in the bowl and mix around the rocks to get the waste off of them. Doing this for about three minutes should do it.

Leave the fish bowl about half full of warm water. Use the rocks in the fish tank to rub against all sides of the fish bowl. This will remove the slime from the sides. Once the sides feel smooth you are done.

Dump out the water again and add room temperature water. Clean the accessories with warm water only and add those back to the fish bowl. Add one drop of tap water conditioner to the fish bowl. Use the net to gently remove your Japanese Fighting Fish from his temporary fish bowl and carefully return him to his clean fish bowl.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you do not have another fish bowl to use you can use a glass vase. You can find everything you need at your local pet store. Clean the fish bowl once a week.

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