How to Decorate a Large Wall Cheaply


A large empty wall can really drag down a room. But decorating a huge empty space can be a challenge, especially on a budget. Most people think of art or shelving but they can come with a big price tag. Here's an inexpensive alternative that still manages to make a bold statement.

Things You'll Need

  • 12 Wooden Mirrors
  • 2 small pieces of cardboard
  • 1 Can of Spray Paint
  • 12 Nails
  • Hammer
  • 12 pieces of paper
  • Square Post-It Note
  • Laser Level
  • This look uses 12 square mirrors each with a wide unfinished wooden frame. You can find them at Ikea for $2.50 each. Gently sand the wood around each mirror.

  • Before you spray paint the wood around each mirror you need to cover the mirror so you don't accidently spray it. Cut out a piece of cardboard that fits snugly over the mirror. Now cut another piece of cardboard about 1 inch by 3 inches. This is going to be your "handle" so you can easily remove the cardboard from the mirror. Fold the smaller piece of cardboard in half. Attach the actual fold to the center of the larger piece of cardboard. The two ends of the smaller piece should be sticking up.

  • Using the cardboard cut-out to protect the mirror, you're now ready to start spray painting. Spray the wood around each mirror. Make sure you don't miss the edges on the top, bottom or sides. It's okay if you can't get the small ledge nearest to the mirror. Repeat on all the mirrors. Once the mirrors are dry, decide if one coat is good enough, or if you need to do a second coat of paint.

  • While the mirrors are drying cut 12 pieces of paper so they're the exact size of the mirrors. (These are going to help you avoid putting extra nail holes in your wall.) Decide how high you want your mirrors. It's best to think of the mirrors as one large piece of art instead of 12 individual pieces.

  • Since you're going to have 4 mirrors across and 3 down, there will not be a mirror at the exact center of each row. However, you need to make a pencil mark at the center of where your top row will be. Now, take your post-it note and crease it down the center. Unfold it, and place the top edge of the crease so it touches your pencil mark.

  • Take one of your paper cut outs and place the right edge even with the left edge of the post-it. Use your laser level to make sure the top edge is even. Tape the paper in place. Leaving the post-it where it is, take a second paper cut out and place it's left edge directly next to the right edge of the post-it. Again use the laser level to make sure it's even. Tape the paper to the wall. Hammer a nail at the exact center of the top ledge of each piece of paper. These will be the two middle mirrors on the top row.

  • Carefully remove the post-it note and re-tape it to the wall directly next to the left paper cut out. Taking your third paper cut out place it's right side directly next to the post-it. Tape the paper into place. Repeat the process on the right side, so you have a row of four papers. Each with a nail in the top center.

  • Take your post it note, and place the top edge so it's touching the bottom edge of the far left paper cut out. Now take your fifth paper cut out and place the top edge so it's touching the bottom of the post-it. Use your level to ensure the left edges of the paper cut outs line up. Once that paper cut out is attached to the wall, move the post-it note next to the paper you've just tape to the wall. Put up the next three paper cut outs using this process. Repeat this step for the third and final row.

  • You should now have 12 pieces of paper making a perfectly even rectangle. Each with the exact same amount of space in between. Before you remove the papers make sure you have put a nail into the top center of each.

  • Once your mirrors are dry hang them on the nails. Use your level to make sure the mirrors are straight. Ta-Da you have a beautiful wall decor that was not only easy to make you did it for about $30!

Tips & Warnings

  • If it's easier you can use more than one post-it note so you don't have to keep moving it.

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