How to Identify Symptoms of a Male Bladder Infection


Women aren't the only ones who suffer from bladder infections. Men get them too. Such infections are often called "cystitis" in men and involve an inflammation of the male bladder. This condition may occur in men of any age but mostly affects those 50 years of age and older, due to prostate issues.
In most cases, a male bladder infection, or cystitis, is caused by a bacterial infection. In many situations, an infection may start in the kidneys or even the prostrate and travel through ureters into the bladder.
Risks increase with age and in men who have not been circumcised. It's important to identify and treat a male bladder infection to prevent complications such as kidney infection or recurrent problems.

  • Pay immediate attention to any burning or itching sensations while urinating. This is not normal and is a symptom that something is not right.

  • Watch for any indication that you may be urinating more often than usual, though the urge to urinate might not match output. In many cases, a bladder infection may feel like a full bladder, even if it's empty.

  • Don't ignore any symptoms of pain in the pelvic area or any discharges in the male genital organ. These are classic symptoms of a urinary tract infection and may lead to complications if not addressed.

  • Be aware that additional symptoms of a bladder infection may be a nagging pain in the lower back area. This may or may not be accompanied by a low-grade fever.

  • Watch for signs of blood in the urine, or note urine that smells particularly foul. Urine should be rather clear, and dark, deep yellowish urine is not only a sign of dehydration but also of possible infections in the urinary tract.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. That's about 64 oz. of water. This will help the kidneys function properly and ensure that wastes are adequately flushed from the body.
  • Don't ignore symptoms of a bladder infection. Schedule a visit with your physician if you believe you might have an infection to prevent complications such as chronic bladder infections or a kidney infection.

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