How to Stop Spreading Bamboo


Bamboo is a beautiful plant that many people love to have in their yards. It is also one of the hardest plants to get rid of, and also one that spreads the fastest. What you may think of as a strategically placed grove of bamboo could easily turn into a yard invasion. However, with diligence and hard work, bamboo can be gotten rid of.

Things You'll Need

  • Fertilizer
  • Garden shears
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Herbicide

Stop the Spread

  • Focus on the bamboo that you want to keep in your yard. This will most likely be the original grove you planted. Dig down about two feet into the soil around the bamboo, creating a circular trench around it.

  • Put in a plastic or metal barrier into the trench. It does not have to stick out too high. A few feet will do. This will keep the bamboo's rhizomes from spreading and growing new plants elsewhere.

  • Trim and maintain the bamboo to keep it from growing out of the barrier. Any bamboo shoots that grow too close to it should be removed.

Using Herbicide

  • Cut the bamboo shoots to a height of 6 inches using your garden shears.

  • Apply the herbicide quickly to the shoots. You want to allow the sap that appears to soak up the herbicide, but the sap will quickly retreat into the bamboo shoots after you cut them. This will allow the herbicide to kill the roots of the plant.

  • Pull out whatever dead bamboo shoots are there after the herbicide does its work.

Cook the Rest

  • Cut down the shoots that have grown back to not more than a few inches.

  • Cover the shoots with fertilizer that is high in nitrogen. Make sure the shoots are completely covered by it.

  • Cover everything with a plastic sheet. Remove it after a few weeks, when the bamboo should be overheated and killed at the roots. Then you can dig up what's left to prevent future growth.

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