How to Simply Save Money for Daily Living


Reducing your spending and making your money go further helps reduce stress in your life and puts you on the road to financial security. Rather than subjecting yourself to radical financial self-denial, change your financial habits over the long term. Take on several small money-saving changes per month. Even if each technique or changed habit only saves a few dollars, over time many small changes can add up to a lot of money.

  • Pay off your credit card balance every month. Credit cards typically charge interest rates that are much higher than those for other household loans such as a mortgage, car loan or school loan. Use your credit card for convenience rather than for spending money that you don't have.

  • Renovate your home to save heat and energy. Add weather stripping around doors and windows so that you're not paying to heat the outdoors. If you have to buy a new appliance, find an Energy Star-rated efficient appliance. Discover the wonders of fans and get rid of your air conditioner, which is a massive electricity hog.

  • Keep track of all your spending in a notebook. After a few months, categorize all your purchased and find out where your money has been going. Eliminate anything that you feel isn't worth the amount you're spending. For example, you may discover that you're spending $20 a month on magazines you barely read.

  • Become a one-car family and save thousands of dollars every year. If your household is supporting two cars, they're both costing you money in registration, insurance and depreciation even when they're just sitting in the driveway. A household equipped with one car and several good bicycles is both more efficient and healthier.

  • Buy food in bulk and avoid costly prepared meals. Cut down on your meat consumption. Avoid expensive restaurants and bars. Plant a garden in your backyard and discover the wonders of fresh, home-grown tomatoes. All of these changes will have you eating better for less money.


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