How Do I Dial Australia From the USA?

Placing a phone call to a land as far away as Australia is actually easy once you understand the international calling system. To call down under, you'll need to know a few simple things: the local time in the Australian city you're calling, the U.S. international calling code, the Australian country code and the local area code.


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      Know what time it is in the area you are calling. The time in Australia may be 13 to 16 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the U.S., depending on which time zone you're calling in Australia and whether it is daylight savings time in either or both countries. Many international clocks are available online for those who have difficulty with the math.

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      Dial the toll-free number on your calling card, if using one. Type in the access code provided when prompted, and wait for the prompt to dial the phone number.

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      Dial 011, which is the international access code. It lets the telephone system know you are dialing out of the country.

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      Dial 61, which is the Australian country code. This lets the phone system know which country you are dialing.

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      Dial the one-digit area code. Some common area codes are: 2 for Sydney and Canberra, 3 for Hobart, 4 for cell phones, 7 for Brisbane and 8 for Darwin, Adelaide and Perth.

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      Dial the eight-digit phone number. The phone you're dialing will begin ringing.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using a calling card can greatly minimize the usually exorbitant cost of an international call. Various websites can help you locate the best deals for calling Australia.
  • Using an online service like Skype is another alternative that can greatly minimize costs.
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