How to Shave Using Electric Shaver Without Irritating Your Skin

Electric razors can provide a close shave with less irritation.
Electric razors can provide a close shave with less irritation. (Image: Images)

If you shave, it's because you want smooth, hair-free skin that people want to touch. Unfortunately, shaving doesn't always give you that. Particularly in people who have sensitive skin, shaving can cause your skin to be itchy, painful and red. Using an electric shaver can cut down on this effect, somewhat, because it doesn't shave off a layer of your skin like a manual razor, but it still can cause issues. Learn how to cut down on the burning and discomfort you feel from shaving by following a few simple steps.

Things You'll Need

  • Electric shaver
  • Water
  • Pre-shave lotion
  • After-shave lotion

Read carefully the instructions that come with your shaver. Don't assume that you already know how it works, because new products or brands have different ways of functioning. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Keep your electric shaver clean. The hair that your shaver is cutting off gets trapped in the cutting apparatus of your shaver. Remove the screen, and use the brush that manufacturer supplies with the electric shaver to clean out your hair after at least every third shave.

Keep your electric shaver lubricated. This keeps the parts moving smoothly and more efficiently. Spray on an aerosol lubricant made for electric shavers on your screen and cutting parts when you clean your shaver.

Wash the area you are shaving with warm water. This softens your hair and makes it easier to shave, allowing for a closer shave.

Apply the pre-shave lotion, preferably an alcohol-based one. This removes oil from your skin and causes your hair to stand up more, allowing for a closer shave.

Determine which direction your hair is growing. Shave against the growth of your hair, unless you have problems with ingrown hairs. Then you will want to shave in the direction your hair grows. Do not press too hard.

Moisturize your skin with an after-shave lotion. This keeps your skin smooth and prevents dryness and irritation from shaving.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use a shaving Lotion when you shave your hairs.
  • Wet or dry skin is fine, what is important is that you know how to shave carefully to avoid accident.
  • Watch out your electric cord if it is still plug in.
  • Common sense is very important to stay safe in your activities everyday.

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