How to Speak Pig Latin


When children speak in Pig Latin, they're playing a traditional game -- often trying to prevent adults from understanding the mischief they're plotting. The rules of Pig Latin are simple, but learning to hear what's being said can take practice.

Words Starting With a Consonant

  • If a word starts with a consonant, move the consonant to the end of the word and add "-ay" to transform it into its Pig Latin equivalent. For example, "computer" would become "omputercay."

Words Starting With a Vowel

  • If the English word starts with a vowel, remove it altogether and instead add "-way" to the end of the word. For instance, "over" would become "verway."

Compound Words

  • Compounds words in Pig Latin sound better -- and more confusing -- if they are split into parts. Don't say "edheadray" for "redhead;" say "edray-eadhay" instead.

Putting It Together

  • To speak Pig Latin properly, string your words together into sentences as quickly as you can. "Can you speak Pig Latin?" -- or "ancay ouyay eakspay Igpay Atinlay?" -- works best if it comes out in a rapid stream, making it hard for listeners to grasp.

Lasting Influence

  • Although Pig Latin is mainly a game, it has had some impact on the English language, adding expressions like "ixnay" or "amscray" -- from "nix" and "scram" -- to the language.

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