How to Apply Knockdown Texture


Knockdown Texture is growing in popularity, not only to the contractor, but also the Homeowner. There are several reasons for the desire of Knockdown Texture, one being the ease in application. Other features of applying Knockdown include the ability of the texture to hide imperfections in the Wall or Ceiling. This Texture saves the contractor the Labor and Material involved in achieving a "Smooth Wall" finish, while offering the Homeowner another option--other than replacing the existing wall because of the imperfections. Knockdown Texture can be sprayed or rolled onto the wall or ceiling, then "knocked down" to resemble a Low visible Stucco, hiding numerous flaws, and giving you a beautifull room. This Texture is easy to apply, takes little investment, and gives your rooms an appearance that few of your friends and neighbors will have---Best of all--You can do it.

Things You'll Need

  • Texture Spray Hopper and Gun.
  • Air Hose
  • Small air compressor
  • 12 inch Drywall knife
  • Taping Compound
  • What do you need? A Spray Hopper, you can rent one, or if you like--you can purchase one for around 60.00 at any building supply (I know--The contractor down the road said his cost ten times that), your cheap one will last for years and give you the same results (I know--I'm a Contractor and shoot alot of Knockdown--with my 60.00 sprayer). You need MUD ( Drywall Taping Compound), this is what you will be spraying--a 12 foot by 12 foot room will take roughly 2 gallons depending on how heavy you want the texture. A 12 inch Drywall Knife, I know--they sell a special Knockdown Blade (You do not need it). A compressor, the little one you have in the garage or your neighbors, or rent one. A drill with a Bit made for mixing is nice, you are going to be thinning the mixture before you spray.

  • Here we go---Fill a clean bucket with compound appr. 4 inches from bottom, add water (Let's start with 4 cups), mix and add water until your mixture is that of a pancake batter, pour into hopper. Your compressor should be set to 25 to 30 p.s.i. Hold the sprayer 2 feet from wall and spray--starting from the top and working your way down, once at the bottom of the wall, shift over and work your way up, and move to the next wall. Make sure as you spray the other walls, that you keep an eye on the texture you have already applied. Once the Top of the texture turns dull--no more shine to it--it is ready to Knockdown--notice I said the TOP of the texture, not the entire texture.

  • Once the Top of the texture has a dull finish, it is time to finish your masterpiece. Take the 12 inch drywall knife and LIGHTLY drag it across the Texture, do not apply alot of pressure, just a very easy drag will give you the look you are trying to achieve. You will notice that you have thinned out the texture and given it simewhat of a Stucco appearance. Alot of the books written on this suggest knocking the texture down from top to bottom. However I have found that on walls that are far from being Flat, going side to side seems to yield better results.

  • Clean up is easy---water, even if you got the texture on trim, a simple sponge and warm water will do the trick. Let your texture dry till the next day---you will be amazed at the flaws you have hidden, and the ease at which you applied it. You may even fancy yourself as a Pro. Chances are that anyone seeing the room that you did, will think you hired one.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are doing several rooms, you might have one person spraying, while another is mixing and knocking down the testure.

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