How to Write a Letter of Apology

Sooner or later, we're all sorry about something. An apology is a natural reaction to guilt and in many cases a written apology, in the form of a letter is a perfectly acceptable way to express remorse and help both sides come to terms with the subject.


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      Express why you felt the need to apologize. In simple written terms, let the person know why your feel remorse or guilt and the need to write a letter of apology.

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      Explain what you're apologizing for. A letter of apology needs an admission of guilt. Clearly state what you're sorry for. There's no need to write a thesis here, just acknowledging fault goes a long way towards the road to forgiveness.

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      Say you're sorry. You've explained why you're writing and what you're writing about. Now is the time to say you're sorry. There's no need to write a flowering, flattering praise here. Be simple and sincere. Sincerity is transparent in all mediums whether it is in person or in writing.

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      Do not make excuses. One way to turn an apology letter into an 'excuse me' letter is to give outside influences as the reasons for fault. Sure ways to know if you're making excuses instead of apologies is if you're including terms like, "I'm sorry, but" or "It wouldn't have happened if". Just accept fault if it's yours and take the higher ground.

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      Relay your expectations. When closing an apology letter, if forgiveness is your goal, state that. Be sure to express that you understand if they are not ready to forgive immediately. But, let the person know what they mean to your life and that you do hope they can see their way to forgiveness.

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      Know that not everyone will be forgiving. In a perfect world we all forgive each other our transgressions after a sincere apology. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way. Understand that you tried to make amends and forgive yourself. Hopefully, outside forgiveness will follow.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sincere in your apology.
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