How to Read Handwriting


You can tell much about someone's personality simply from examining a handwriting sample

Things You'll Need

  • a signature sample
  • a page of hand written script, or a note, preferably on unlined paper
  • Examine the Vertical Slant of the Letters
    Look at the slant of the individual letters on the page. A forward slant indicate an emotionally responsive personality. Letters that are straight up and down show a personality that is more reserved emotionally. A left slant to the letters can indicate emotional withdrawal. Letters slanted every which way are indicative of a highly volatile personality.

  • Examine the Horizontal Lines of Words on an Unlined Paper
    If your handwriting sample is on an unlined paper, observe the angle of the lines of words. Lines slanting upward indicate optimism and happiness. Sentences running in a downward slant can indicate depression. Straight writing indicates a balanced frame of mind.

  • Examine the Overall Shape of the Letters
    Circular or Rounded Handwriting Indicates an open, easy-going or extroverted personality. Angular handwriting with sharp points indicates an aggressive, direct personality. Squared handwriting indicates a practical, scientific or logic based personality. Squiggles and irregular handwriting indicate an artistic, creative personality.

  • Examine the "t"s.
    The cross on the "t" is representative of the writer's self esteem. A "t" that is crossed towards the bottom shows someone who has low expectations. A "t" that is crossed high on the bar indicates high self esteem and high expectations for accomplishing personal goals. A "t" that is crossed above the line indicates that the writer sets goals that are over his or her head and has unrealistically inflated self esteem.

  • Examine the "i"s
    If the "i"s are dotted directly above the stem, then the writer's mind is in the present. "i"s dotted in front of the stem indicate a writer that is in thinking about the future. "i"s dotted to the left of the stem indicate that the writer dwells in the past.

  • Examine the letter spacing
    Letters that are spaced close together indicate an introverted, intense personality. Letters that are spaced farther apart indicate a more open extroverted nature.

  • Examine the pressure applied to the paper while writing
    The more pressure applied to the paper, the more stress the writer is under. Heavy writing can also indicate tension and/or emotional intensity.

  • Examine the size of the letters
    The size of handwriting samples are directly proportionate to the perceived self importance of the writer. This rule is true of signatures. A large signature means that the writer views themselves as highly important, while a small signature may indicate a weak personality.

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