How to Grow Grapes From Seed

Grape seeds are difficult to germinate and grape plants are typically planted from grafted stock or cuttings. This is primarily because seedlings generally differ markedly from the parent plant and are less productive and tasty. Growing grapes from seed is usually only done during the development of new varieties, but some people enjoy growing grape plants from seeds in their backyard.

Things You'll Need

  • Grapes or seed packet Small pot Rich potting soil Plastic bag large enough to seal around pot Long-term refrigerator space


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      Buy grape seeds or collect your own from grapes purchased at your local grocery store. Grape seeds can be found at many plant nurseries and online, but the easiest method of obtaining grape seeds is to peel existing grapes and extract your own seeds.

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      Plant the seeds in a small pot just under the top layer of soil. Place the pot inside a plastic bag. Alternatively, the seeds can be placed directly inside the bag, but this requires transferring them to a pot later.

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      Refrigerate the grape seeds for 30 to 90 days. Grape seeds require a period of cold at temperatures below 40 degrees in order to end their dormancy. If you have a cold, dark area outdoors that is free of wind and rain, you can store your seeds outside during the winter. Do not allow your seeds to freeze.

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      Remove the seeds from the refrigerator and allow them to warm inside your home. Keep the seeds inside the plastic bag used to store them in the refrigerator. Seeds should not be placed outdoors in direct sunlight, as too much heat and light will cause the seeds to die.

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      Remove the seeds from the plastic bag once they begin to germinate, typically after 30 days of warmer temperatures. The seeds should be placed on a windowsill or in a sunny, dry location outdoors. The soil inside your pot should be kept moist, but be careful not to over water.

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      Transplant your seedlings into separate pots once they have grown to be about 8 cm tall. Place the seedlings in a sheltered, shady area away from rain and wind for 10 to 14 days.

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      Move your seedlings to a permanent location in direct sun. Plants should be spaced 96 inches apart.

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