How to Make a Star Pinata


Star pinatas were first used in Mexico as religious metaphors of the seven deadly sins. The blindfold and stick were said to represent faith and virtue while the sweets and coins inside of the pinata were said to represent the riches of heaven. Breaking them open meant you overcame temptation. The meaning has changed but breaking open paper mache pinatas has the same effect: candy for all. Making a star pinata is a project that your whole family will love and it can be done in the comfort of your kitchen.

Things You'll Need

  • Colored Crepe Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Typing Paper
  • Balloon
  • 2 C. Flour
  • 3 C. Water
  • Glue Stick
  • Candy
  • Strong String
  • Large Bowl
  • Tape
  • Mix the water and flour together in a large bowl until it is a smooth paste. A whisk is good to use to mix the paste up with.

  • Roll paper into cones. Take 6 sheets of typing paper and roll each one into a cone, using the tape to fasten together and cut the ends to even them out. Take the newspaper and the rest of the typing paper and tear into long strips. Take the crepe paper and cut into 3-inch strips and cut the ends into a long fringe.

  • Cover the balloon. Take strips of newspaper and soak them in the paste. Make sure both sides are wet and place on the balloon, making a layer of newspaper all the way around the balloon. Place the end of the string on one side of the balloon and place another strip over it. Do this to the other end of the string. The paste and paper strips will tightly fasten it to the paper covered balloon. This makes 2 layers of pasted paper.

  • Place one cone on the top and tape to the papered balloon and tape another cone to the bottom of the balloon. Tape two cones to each side and this will be your 6 star points. Continue to paste strips of newspaper to the star and on each of the points for one more layer. Next, use the white typing paper strips to make two more layers or as much as it takes so the newspaper strips don't show up. Set aside and let dry for a couple of days.

  • Pop the balloon. Push a needle through the star pinata and pop the balloon. Carefully cut a hole in the pinata between the top point and one of the side points. Make the hole big enough to pour candy inside. Pull the balloon out and pour the candy in. Fit the top back over the hole and tape it down. Paste a couple of white strips over it to cover the tape. Set aside until it dries.

  • Decorate the star pinata. Paint the pinata and wait for it to dry. Glue the strips of crepe paper to the pinata, making sure they overlap to the fringe ends. Attach tassels made of crepe paper to the ends of the star points and fasten by gluing a piece of crepe paper around the tassel and point. Hang and enjoy.

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