How to get rid of a Yeast Infection With Garlic


Yeast infections are fungal infections that many women will experience within their lifetime. Half of all otherwise healthy, sexually active women test positive for the infection. One third of pregnant women also test positive. Due to the discomfort it causes, many women are in a hurry to get rid of the infection. Luckily, with just the use of everyday garlic, it is possible to get rid of the yeast infection. With such an easy remedy at hand, there is no need to be bothered by a yeast infection for long.

Things You'll Need

  • Garlic cloves Dental floss (unwaxed) Gauze Cheesecloth
  • Be sure you actually have a yeast infection. Symptoms include burning, severe itching, irritation and soreness in the vagina and or in addition to the vulva. There may also be a whitish or whitish grey discharge from the vagina. If these symptoms occur, continue to Step 2.

  • Add garlic to your daily diet. It is a naturally anti-fungal food and will help with infections.

  • Take a whole clove of garlic and peel off all of the papery skin. Do not nick the garlic clove as you are peeling it, as the juice from the clove may sting while using it.

  • Wrap the garlic in either cheesecloth or gauze. Tie the ends of the wrapping material with unwaxed dental floss. Leave some extra string to help with removing the garlic clove at a later time.

  • Insert the clove of garlic that you've wrapped into the vagina. Place it far enough in so that it stays in on its own. Ensure that there is enough dental floss hanging out of your vagina to pull the clove out. If there isn't enough floss, untie the floss and pull off a longer string.

  • Leave the clove in the vagina for several hours. Positioning the clove in your vagina just before you go to bed is helpful, because you can sleep through it and remove the clove when you wake up.

  • Continue sticking a new clove into the vagina every night and leaving it in until morning. If you have a severe infection, place a new clove into the vagina every morning and night. The clove is safe to keep in the vagina throughout the day. You should continue this regimen until the symptoms of the infection cease completely.

  • Check with your doctor if the infection isn't gone after several days and nights of treatment. Some infections are more stubborn than others and may require other treatments.

Tips & Warnings

  • Garlic capsules from health food stores can be used in place of garlic cloves. Make sure to buy the capsules with the soft, dissolvable coating. Keeping garlic in your diet is a good idea, even after the yeast infection is gone. It may help prevent future infections.
  • Ensure that you are not allergic to garlic before attempting this treatment. An allergic reaction can be severe. Do not attempt to place the clove into the vagina without having the dental string attached.

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