How to Get Your Point Across


Are you frustrated at meeting when people don't listen to your ideas? Do you get mad at friends for not seeing your point of view? Here are some tips to get your point across better and get them to listen to what you are saying.

  • Status Quo: People are resistant to new ideas. Therefore you need to change this attitude in your audience. You can overcome this by starting the conversation explaining exactly why change is needed and enagaging them by saying that you want their input. This will likely make them more receptive because they feel like they are a partner in this and have a reason to try to make your idea work.

  • Competition: If you are constantly trying to think of what to say next to make your point you start a competition between you and them. The result is they stop listening to you and start trying to figure out how to win the discussion. You avoid this by asking questions about their comments. This shows you are receptive to what they are saying and eliminates the need for them to feel compeitive. Additionally, by asking questions you make them analyze their point of view so they may see its flaws and how your idea overcomes those flaws.

  • Phantom Hearing: People know what they want to hear. If you are not clear and do not repeat things, they may only hear what they want to hear. Makes sure to repeat things several times, this way you can overcome their phantom hearing by pounding your idea home through repeition.

  • Assumptions: Sometimes you assume that someone knows something they do not. If you do not explain every detail, including things you think they know, then you may end up having them confused and out of frustration stop listening to you. Makes sure you fully explain the background and ask thm throughout the conversation if what you are saying makes sense to them. This gives them an opportunity to ask questions and you an opportunity to more fully explain your point of view and address their concerns.

Tips & Warnings

  • Don't give up. You may need to have the same conversation a couple times to fully get your point of view across. Repetition can be a good way to ensure people understand and consider your point of view. Just make sure you don't repeat yourself to the point of becoming a nag.

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