How to Watermark Pictures Using GIMP

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You can protect your digital pictures by using a digital watermark. A watermark is your signature piece of text or logo placed over the picture, so that it's not obstructed like the TV station logos that appear in the corner of the screen. You can download GIMP software for free and use it to place a watermark on pictures.

  • Download the GIMP application ( Create a JPEG file with a transparent background to be your watermark symbol (or text).

  • Locate the file that contains the digital image you'd like to add a watermark to. Hold your mouse over the image and right-click then select "Edit this image with the GIMP" from the pop-up menu.

  • Resave the image with a new file name so that the original file isn't watermarked.

  • After opening your image, drag-and-drop the watermark onto the picture you've selected. Then select "Layers" and "New Layer."

    You can reposition the watermark by clicking on it and dragging. Be sure to save it to the desired file type.


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