Treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome During Pregnancy

Losing precious sleep due to Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) during pregnancy may interfere with your normal daily life, due to your constant need to move or reposition your legs. Carrying extra pounds around in mid-pregnancy, and the fact that two circulatory systems exist (yours and the baby's) may be hard on the legs, and can result in Restless Leg Syndrome. Only medications prescribed by your doctor may be taken safely during pregnancy; that includes over-the-counter medications. This leaves a number of alternative methods to alleviate the condition and allow you to catch up on some much-needed sleep.


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      Buy a self-hypnosis CD made especially to alleviate Restless Leg Syndrome. Going under hypnosis is perfectly safe to do while pregnant, and the deep relaxation you'll experience during the session will benefit both you and your unborn baby. Do not drive while listening to any hypnotic materials. Lie in bed and listen to hypnosis CDs.

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      Relax in a warm bath before going to bed. This will give your legs a rest, soothe tired muscles, relieve stress and encourage drowsiness.

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      Massage your legs for 20 minutes with baby oil or perhaps aromatherapy oils, to relax muscles and tension within the legs.

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      Ensure that you are receiving adequate quantities of doctor-ordered vitamins, including potassium and iron. During pregnancy, eat balanced meals and drink enough pure water each day to remain hydrated, especially during hot weather.

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      Elevate your legs above your heart to improve circulation and rest leg muscles. Feet and ankles sometimes swell during pregnancy, and this, combined with Restless Leg Syndrome, calls for elevation of the legs to help reduce pain and swelling.

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      Apply alternating hot and cold compresses to your legs to help alleviate symptoms: hot for 5 minutes, then cold for 5 minutes. Going for a short stroll may help with Restless Leg Syndrome symptoms and allow you to rest comfortably for a short while.

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      Wear support hose to give your legs the extra support they require during pregnancy. This method may alleviate symptoms and afford some relief.

Tips & Warnings

  • Restless Leg Syndrome due to pregnancy disappears soon after the baby is delivered.
  • Check with your doctor that your RLS symptoms are not masking more serious conditions, such as neuropathy, spinal injuries or diabetes.
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